Primrose: Hearing things...Mature


I was in agony, pain shoot around my body. Never before I had I experienced so much pain in all my years. Well physically I guess. My head was banging like mad. But suddenly I could hear some muffled voices though they weren't clear enough for me to make out who or what they were saying.

"Believe it or not I'm not here by choice." The voice was close and sounded like Nyx's.

"What did you do?!" Another voice yelled. It sounded familiar to me but it couldn't be. Not him. I could hear Nyx's going on about something but I couldn't pick up on it. Then Nyx's confirmed who this person was.

 "Do not underestimate me Apollo." I voice was cold as she spoke to him. Apollo. Of all the gods in the world why did it have to be him? They way she spoke to him, hard, cold anger in her voice. Got me thinking that he wasn't her number one fan. She seemed to hate him just as much as me. Well that's a first, me and a dark god or goddess in this case, both hating the same person at the same time. A deeper new voice entered the scene.

My senses were slowly coming back to me; my nose could smell flowers and fresh flowing water. And a very unusually rich scent, it was strong and overpowering. I also felt a strong in brass someone with thick muscles was holding me close to their chest. Their chest moving lightly against my body, their breath was tingling on my bare skin. It felt soo strange to be that close to a person.

"Rose are you ok. Rose?" Sasha was worried about me. Knowing that everyone was still standing around, not doing anything to help me. I heard the rumble in her chest building up getting more impenitent.

"What's going on?" My voice was quite and sounded weaker then I really should. The sound of someone gritting their teeth made me cringe back. Nyx's was not happy with me. Someone sighed in relief and then they gasped, touching my left hip.

"She bleeding, quick we need to get her seen to."

"This way, Than are you ok carrying her?" The deeper voice asked. Than? What? He can not be carrying me. Why would he do that, I'm nothing to him. I tried to open my eyes but they wouldn't open too weak. Instead I tried move even though it killed me. But I was fighting with strong muscle arms. Than's arms. O'this made to sense at all. He was calming me or something whatever it was weak to care.

""- I couldn't even get my words out. I was going out again probably due to this new injury. I could hear a very smug laugh coming from Nyx's. And Than seemed to be chuckling under his breath too. But I was too far gone to respond to them. ‘Just you wait Than, just you wait.' I thought angrily in my throbbing head.     

The End

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