Nyx: Fantastic...Mature

"What won't your boyfriend like it if you hang out with the dark rejects?" Than growled at Primrose. I looked at him, suprised by his tone.

"You know nothing of the kind, Than of the underworld." she spat back, vemon in her tone. My anger flared. This Goddess ran with Apollo and she had no right to talk to us like that. Plus I couls feel that Than was taken aback and drawn to her. Inwardly I wanted to throw her back to whatever corner she had come from.

However, I also could not be boethered to have a fight right now."Primrose, he didn't mean anything by that. We just know that you and Apollo god of sun stay around each other." Than laughed behind me, making me more uncomfortable.

"Yer that great god. Huh big head really, so are you two like a thing." He told Primrose. I resisted the urge to laugh.

Primrose leapt for Than, who promptly used his powers over the wind to hold her off. ‘Sasha, come to me. Break his connection.' I heard her think. An answering howl cleared things up. A wolf. Seconds later the same wolf leaped on Than and I yelled out. Primrose fell to the ground and I heard a crack .

"Primrose Priimrose!" Than yelled, throwing off the wolf. I hated the worry in his voice. Primrose, despite her reputation, had still been among those who spat on me when I returned to the pantheon.

"Primrose can you hear me? Look I can hear what you're saying to.. erm the sliver wolf. But I can't speak wolf or anything. What are you saying? Don't speak, just think it."

‘Sasha, show Nyx where to go. She can somehow hear what I'm saying. But not you.' she addressed the wolf instead of me. Then passed out. Typical.

Than ran over to her, picking her up gently. When the wolf, Sasha I guess, and I came closed, he hissed protectively. I stepped back, hurt. The wolf nuged his leg, indicating with her muzzle.I put my hand gently on his shoulder. 

"Than, hes showing us where to go"  he nodded and we followed the wolf, who took us to woods.

"There's a doorway to the Other here." I said, uncomfortable. "It opens straight to the pantheon..." I trailed off. The wolf was headed straight there.

"Than!" I called, as he had ignored me. "This is headed straight to the pantheon. Don't you get it? We..I..would have to face my pantheon. Including Apollo nd Zeus.."

He blanked me again, still following the wolf. Cursing, I went with him. He had no idea of what to expect.

We broke out into an open area. A small river ran through, stepping stones across it. Any human using those would pass to the other side. Any God would be taken to the Other. To my pantheon to be precise.

"Than, please" I said desperately, tugging his arm. He shook off my hand, carrying Primrose after the wolf. I ran with them, preparing to fight. Apollo was not going to take too lightly to me appearing in his garden with one of his favorites and a God of the Underground from some unknown pantheon. Halfway across the river, the air shimmered and dissolved to a bright garden, full of birds, sun and flowers. Ancient Greek music was playing and I could hear the voices of the pantheon laughing. Great. Apollo was entertaining. Apollo himself soon appeared, glowering.

He stood tall, equal in height to Than, dressed in golden armour, he had blond hair and clear blue eyes, which were narrowed at me.

"Nyx, I should have guessed it was you." he spoke down at me. "You always did put a downer on the occasions."

"Apollo, what an unpleasant sight." I retorted rudely. "You're just jealous because I am the only one who can blot out your sun. Believe it or not I'm not here by choice." I nodded towards Than and Primrose, who was stirring.

"What did you do?!" He yelled, throwing me back and running towards them. I used my powers to lift him by the throat, the sky turning pitch black.

"I did NOTHING!" I yelled back. "Just like before Apollo. Just like always. Notice there is another dark God there, holding her. Notice the wolf beside him. I came here because no other God knows your weakness." I dropped Apollo, who was now purple in the face. He landed, falling to one knee.

"Do not underestimate me Apollo." I said coldly. "This was not my choice, but as one of the Other and of this pantheon, they needed me here. Else they would have been forced into limbo. You know that. Also, Zeus is going to be interested to know whats keeping the sun away.."

"Yes, Zeus is interested." A deep authoritative voice answered. "What is the meaning of this Nyx of the Night?"

Zeus himself walked towards us, others close behind him.

"Primrose of Nature was injured when she attacked Than of the Underground, pantheons unknown to me. She used her guide to bring us here. I was merely a spectator." I spoke with respect to Zeus, since he had shown me kindness of late.

"And Apollo of the Sun?" he replied

"Attacked me when I entered, I merely defended myself as is my right."

"Indeed." He replied, turning to the crowd behind him. "Leave us."

There were mutterings from the crowd, many of them glaring at me. A lot complaining about the lack of light now. One remained. A very tall, dark haired God stood staring right at me. His eyes glowed green, his black hair longish but messy.

"Thantos. You must also go." Zeus said firmly.

Damn you Zeus, I love her.. the thought ran through his head. Thantos gave me one last look, his expression unreadable, and followed Hades, who had paused for him to catch up. My heart twisted. Those two were by only friends in this pantheon. Zeus was an uncertain ally for now. , 

"Whats going on?" Primrose's light voice floated weakly from Than's arms. I gritted my teeth. Damn that Goddess for bringing me here. The sky got a little darker as I waited for someone to talk. I wanted to be with Thantos and Hades, or back with Than before that Goddess showed up. Not here, being grilled by Zeus and Apollo with Than acting like he had been hit over the head.

The End

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