Nyx was leaning close to me. I didnt understand what I was doing, the wind chnge and I smelt another god not just any god but a goddess. I look uo and saw her frightened form in the trees.

She had big golden eyes, long silky blonde that was crindled with purple in her hair. She wore a light green silk dress slits at the side and showed off her perfect legs ahd her slim figure. I dont think I ever senn anyone like her she was very different from the deark gods.

Nyx spoke t he "Greetings Primrose. I am Nyx of the Night. This is Than of the Underground. Please, come join us. There is nothing to be afraid of here." Her frightened eyes studied us. All I wanted to do was hold her and say everything was going to be ok but I didnt I acted liie a jerk.

"What won't your boyfriend like it if you hang out with the dark rejects?" I questioned her. I sensed anger I wished I never spoke now.

"You know nothing of the kind, Than of the underworld." she splat at me. I was taken back what she said. They say Primrose is gentle and sweet, I guss thats most of the time because she has a darker side and for some wierd reason I was drawn to her.

Nyx stepped in front of me and said "Primrose, he didn't mean anything by that. We just know that you and Apollo god of sun stay around each other." This made me laugh Nyx was a nice person but I like to have fun.

Yer that great god. Huh big head really, so are you two like a thing." I said to her I was curios of they were but I guess I was pissing her off but I didnt mean too.

Before I know whats going on Primerose jumpede into midair and was iming for me so I put my hand in the air and he wind sdstopped  HA she didnt see that coming she I stared to spin, this was getting fun.

Nyx screamed and I turned me head and saw A silver wolf growling at me. it jumped on me and I lost focuse and Primrose fell to the ground and I heard a crack  . "Primrose Priimrose!" I shouted sounding worried. damn it that stupid wolf now shes hurt I pushed it off me and it flying into a tree and it cried out in pain.

I ran to her limp form on the ground and lifted her up in my arms Nyx and wolf came on either side I hissed and the both stepped back.For some reason I became protective ver her, was it because I just hurt her I dont know. the wolf nugded my leg and looked as if too follow.

Nyx put her hand on my shoulder "Than hes showing us where to go" I nodded and followed the wolf.

I ran to her

The End

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