Primrose: Calling for friendsMature


"Greetings Primrose." She called to me. "I am Nyx of the Night. This is Than of the Underground. Please, come join us. There is nothing to be afraid of here."  Her bright purple eyes studied me. I was still hesitant to move I had never crossed paths with either of these god's. The god was without a doubt the most breath-taking man that I had ever seen. The goddess was beautiful as well tall and slender with black curly hair.

"What won't your boyfriend like it if you hang out with the dark rejects?" Than questioned me. Anger swept though me, my body tens. I could feel my tattoo on my back tingle on my skin.

"You know nothing of the kind, Than of the underworld." I splat at him. A little shock seemed to form on their faces. They say that I'm gentle and sweet most of the time I am. But some things can trigger my darker side off.

"Primrose, he didn't mean anything by that. We just know that you and Apollo god of sun stay around each other." Nyx explained.

  "Yer that great god. Huh big head really, so are you two like a thing." Than wondered. This guy was really ticking me off right about now.

I wasn't too sure of his powers other then the dead but still I jumped him. Of course that was then I realised that he controlled the all the elements. When I jumped mid air, the wind suddenly caught me up in the air. I couldn't move my body at all. The wind was flipping me around so I was dizzy but I had to try a concentrate.

‘Sasha, come to me. Break his connection.' I thought in my head. Sure enough I heard her howl in the dissented. Through my strong senses I could hear her heavy paws as they reached the park.

‘Rose, I'm here. I'll stop him.' She thought to me knowing that I would hear her. Then I could hear her more clearly as she made her way, to where I was. She snarled at them both, I could hear the cry of one of them. Suddenly I fell hard onto the floor. I gasped knowing that my right leg was injured, I didn't move afraid to make it worse.

"Primrose. Primrose!" Someone shouted in worried voice. Then I heard Sasha cry out in pain.

‘Rose, are you ok.' She asked not worried by her own pain more concerned over mine.

‘What did he do?'  Not answering her question.

‘Don't worry about me. You're too weak to heal me, Rose.' She thought back. She was right about that, I needed to be in the woods.

"Primrose can you hear me. Look I can hear what you're saying to erm the sliver wolf. But I can't speck wolf or anything. What are you saying? Don't speck, just think it." Nyx was close by now. I hadn't realised that I was passing out, I could also feel that Than was close by too. Strange.

‘Sasha, show Nyx's where to go. She can somehow hear what I'm saying. But not you.' I thought to her. She didn't like it though, letting strangers help me. But there was no other way. I heard her growl once, and then she very softly licked my face. Then darkness took over me, drift with it.   


The End

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