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"Well I was born human in the victorian times on earth. As a human, I was a prince and was soon to claim. I was to be married to the Princess of France but did not want to as I was in love with Elizabeth. She was a friend of the family. But she was dying so I made a deal with the Devil, Iknow its soo cheesy but its true, any way he saved her life but in return I would battle him. He was silly because I was very good at sword fights and I won I killed him and because  of that I was made the next God of the Underground" He looked down at me and I was moved by his story. He had suffered a lot for his love. As he looked, I also sensed his anger growing, kept in check by something else. I ignored this. I did not want to think about what that could be.

"Nyx I'm so sorry for what the greek gods did. Zeus and I are good friends. I would do anything to rip his head off" I could sense the  genuine feeling behind his words. He put his hand on my arm,the guestre comforting to me. Oddly, he felt guilty. I couldn't help but smile at this gentle God. It had been so long since anyone had shown me kindness.

"Than, its ok. I am just glad I can talk to you. I haven't been around another God in such along time... What you did for Elizabeth was wonderful. Don't ever let anyone doubt yourself."

He looked into my eyes for a long time. We had both been alone for a long time. Two of the darker Gods together, both shunned by the pantheons in the Other. I had never met another of the Gods who would understand. Hades, in the Underworld, he had the dead, and he would still go the the pantheon. He couldn't understand. But Than, Than understood. He knew what it was like. I leaned towards him slightly, when the night breeze shifted. It brought the presence of another God with it, snapping me out of the mood. Than and I both looked towards the stranger.

Her light blonde crinkled hair was dotted with purple flowers. She wore a light green silk dress, slitted at the side, a stark contrast to the black dress and hooded cloak I wore. Her eyes were golden and shone like the sun. I knew this Goddess. She was the gentle Primrose Skylark, Goddess of Nature. She and I had never encountered each other, since she tended to stay around Apollo (sun god) and his type where my pantheon was concerned.

"Greetings Primrose." I called to her. "I am Nyx of the Night. This is Than of the Underground. Please, come join us. There is nothing to be afraid of here."

The End

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