Primrose: NewMature


The night breeze woke up sending me a message. Something was happening outside the woods. A meeting between two powerful beings. The god's and goddesses. It had to be. But why? Not many of them leave the Other realm and come to Earth. I gracefully leap down from tree were I was resting, my dress flowing around my body trailing on the ground.

Evening primroses covered the ground that I walked on. I picked up one of the primroses smiling to myself; I was named after these beautiful flowers. Primrose Skylark. Skylark is a small passerine bird, even though I have never come across one. Tattooed in black ink, on my back in the centre there is a Skylark bird and Primroses go around the bird. I placed the flower back to the ground, where it re-grows right before my golden eyes.

As I go further and further out the woods I find my self in a park. The night sky was indigo the wind blow around me making my senses run wild. I was right, there were two of them. I could sense some sort of darkness but light too. Strong emotions too coming of both of them. Aloneness was radiating off their bodies.

Cursorily suddenly struck me. I felt as if I wanted to go and see these new beings. I hadn't come across many God's or Goddesses in my years since I left my true world. I turned my back on it, my reasons are my own. No matter what poison I try to heal by broken heart, it will never be mended.

I followed my senses which led me even more into the park. I was quite and peaceful here. The swans were going up stream and making quite lapping noises as they went. I climbed up the tree and thanked my self for making slits in my dress. The light wind blows my light blonde crinkled hair behind my head making it easier for me to climb. Then I see what my senses were leading me to. There on a bench were two gods, well a god and a goddess. There were talking about their past lives, it was quite interesting to see that I wasn't the only one who had being alone for some time.

Suddenly, the wind changes making my scent stirs towards them making them both look up. I stared at them with my golden eyes unable to move.


The End

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