Than- my storyMature

I went on to tell her my story"Well I was born human in the victorian times on earth as a human, I was a prince and was soon to claim. I was to be married to the princess of france but did not want to as I was in with Elizabeth she was a friend of the family. But she was dying so I made a deal with the Devil, Iknow its soo cheesy but its true, any way he saved her life but i return I would battle him. he was silly because I was vey good at sword fights and I won I killed him and because  of that I was made the next God of the underground"

I looked at her and she was buetiful even for a goddess, her story was so sad I felt like challenging the greek gods and kiling them but calmed my-self down I had only met this girl.

"Nyx Im so sorry for what the greek god did Zues and I are good friends I would do anything to rip his head off" she put her hand on my arms she wsso warm compared to me it makes me feel guilty to be evean talking to her.

"Than its ok Im just glad I can talk to you I havnt been round another God in such along time, what you did fr Elizabeth was wonderful dont ever let anyone daoubt your-self" I looked into her eyes and got lost in them they were so big gorgeous it took me all my strenght just to sit there and not lean down and kiss her.


The End

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