Nyx: A New Face.Mature

I wandered down to the human realm. I could sense a God down there I hadn't encountered before and the isolation of the Other realm was starting to grate on me. As always, when I decended, the sky grew dusky indigo. I settled in a quiet park somewhere, sending my mind out to find out a little more about who I was about to meet.

Someone rounded the corner, and lowered the hood covering his face. I instantly brought my focus to the figure in front of me. His crimson eyes were a tell-tale sign that this was indeed the God that had atteacted my attention in the Other. He stood very tall, and his brooding presence suggested him to be some kind of Underground or Underworld God. I flicked my psychic powers towards him and confirmed my suspicions. I also got an overwhealming sense of lonliness from this stunning yet forbidding God. I instantly symapthised with him. Us darker Gods are not the most popular bunch and tend to get chewed out no matter what pantheon. I smiled at him, holding out my hand.

"Pleased to meet you Than, my name is Nyx" I spoke softly, my voice turning lyrical.

He shook my hand with a firm grip that told me he possesed great strength. "Erm hello Nyx but how did you know my name?" I met his eyes, supressing the urge to giggle. I loved my powers sometimes.

"Oh sorry, I didnt tell you. I'm psychic." I replied, "So I knew I was going to meet you, I know you're the God of the Underground and very lonely and depressed..."

I trailed off, reading his bemusement. I had said enough to prove I was psychic. I didn't want to spook him.

"I'm the Godess of the Night... and Ive been lonely. Do you mind if we chat?" I lgave him the full force of my violet eyes. My voice had turned soft again, causing him to look down at me. The corner of his mouth flicked up in a crooked smile that made him even more handsome than before.

 "Sure why not?" he replied, settling on the bench beside me. Talk drifted to our past.

"There's not much to know about me." I said. "I tend to stick to the shadows. I'm from the Greek pantheon, although not many people know that. I used to be one of the major Gods, running alongside Zeus, Hera and the others.. But Hera, grew jealous of my beauty and powers, as they outshone her own. She feared I would replace her as Queen of the pantheon. She got together with Artemis(Goddess of the hunt) and Apollo, and they together turned Zeus against me. Some, notably Hades, tried to help me but I was cast out to live in the Other. I have been there since, unable to return fully to the pantheon. I have returned before, but always seem to leave a war in my wake.." I trailed off again.

"What is your story Than?" I asked gently. "Your name is like that of Thantos...he loved me once.. Before Hera used Hypnos (God of Sleep) against him so that he would not protect me..." I shook my head. "Sorry, Than. What is your story?"

The End

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