Godess meets GodMature

It was night time on Earth, not that it mattered to a god like me. My names Than and im the God the under world and I was alive before the human race.
if you saw me you would know I was different. Im very tall black and pale and deep crimson eyes.

I was walking in the park when I sensed another God, I couldnt belive I hadnt met another God in at leat a decade. I ran to where I sensed the powere and stumpled upon petite lady sitting on a bench staring into space then her head snapped back forward, hey purple eyes shone with curiosity she must be a goddess her slendor figure, her long curl black hair, she was perfect.

I slid my hood down and her eyes widined her our eyes met I guess wshe realised I was a God. she stood up and put her hand out to shake.

"pleased to meet you Than my name is Nyx" I shook her hand "erm hello nyx but how did you know my name" she looked up at me amused.

"Oh sorry I didnt tell you Im phycic" she said tapping her head to emphasise her words "so I knew I was going to meet you, I know you the god of the undrground and have very lonely and depressed" her vioce tailed off. I ve met someone who had such a power.

"oh Im the Godess of the night and Ive been lonely do you mind if we chat?" her looked at me pleadingly, no-one can say no when they look at you like that.

I loked down and her and smile with a crooked smile "sure why not we sat on the bench and talked about our past"

The End

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