I stood still watching her from a distant, the desire to taste that sweet essence that flowed throughout her being made my throat ache. But my heart was still fighting for the love I held for her. But the monster I was turning into was screaming to kill her for making me so weak, so pathetic for reminding is was human.

“Than?”  Her voice trembleled with fear, her voice reminded me so much of Ellie I couldn’t help but feel guilty  "I'm sorry, Than." she said softly. My shoulders dropped in defeat as I crossed the room I knelt by her side cradling her hand in mine

"You have no need to be sorry, Nyx. I am sorry. If I had not been so thoughtless, you would never have been hurt” My voice coated with guilt she held our hands against her cheek sighing.

"I've missed you so much." Her  words came out in a broken whisper.


I gently wiped the tear that spilled down her cheeks, and gently kissed her rose shaded lips. "And I,  you." I murmured.


"Than, I love both you and Thantos equally." she said eventually. I couldn’t help the impulse to flinched away, "I need both of you-but this fighting is killing me."

The anger roared inside how could she string me along like this wanting both Thantos and my self to sing along to her tune. I would  not be a puppet for her to play with. Thantos how could he interfere meddling with her heart stirring her away. We were right for each other, no perfect.

But the rejection too, the pain of my heart cracking the human side of me crying in agony of the true love for centuries the  one I admired even as human telling me I would never be the only one.


"Than please.." her voice pleaded


"No." I growled fighting the urge to to scream and break things to show how hurt I actually was, to show the battle going on inside.  Instead I stormed out of the room.


“Than, if you walk away now, you lose me for good. Please don't do this” Her words echoed through my mind.

“Then so be it!” I growled knowing she would hear. I stormed out of her house opening a portal to meadow, thunder clouds were rolling in lighting striking around as the rain pounded the ground like mighty fists.  I road in pure agony, anger and hatred.

“T-han..” I hear a voice stutter, I turned around to see a almost soaked through Primrose staring at me in horror. I growled and fight begun both battling with pure frustration.

“If I never met you, if you only stayed in the light realm. Everything would be okay, I wouldn’t have known you I would never have confused my love” I screamed. As I got lost in thought Primrose gained the upper hand and had me pinned to the ground.

“It’s always about you isn’t it Than” she screeched "what about me Than ever thought how I am feeling about this? What about Nyx her feelings jumbled up too. You have just walked out on her look at what you’re turning into Than this isn’t you! Wake up Than and be the God that you truly are!”

“I was never meant to be a God I killed a God for this title” I growled

She wrinkled her nose “and what a truly awful God he was, this was fate Than, the God that linked the light and dark realm together for good. Now step  up and take your claim before you lose yourself"

The End

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