Telling Thantos everything was hard. Facing Than was almost impossible. His thoughts were a maelstrom of rage and bloodlust. It was terrifying. His eyes were so dark as to almost be black, his face completely impassive-he could have been a statue.

"Than?" My voice came out weak, the fear there evident. He stood, silent, just staring at me. The darkness in his mind formed almost a wall against my powers, making his thoughts almost impossible to read. At the sound of my voice, the feirce expression on his face softened slightly.

"I'm sorry, Than." I said softly.

I saw his powerful shoulders drop and he crossed the room, kneeling by my bed. He took my hand, his movements and expression more gentle than I'd ever seen him.

"You have no need to be sorry, Nyx. I am sorry. If I had not been so thoughtless, you would never have been hurt."

I closed my eyes, holding our twinned hands to my cheek. "I've missed you so much." the words came out in a broken whisper.

He gently wiped the tears that had escaped down my cheeks, kissing me softly. "And I, you." He murmured.

"Than, I love both you and Thantos equally." I said eventually. When he flinched away, I continued, hurt. "I need both of you-but this fighting is killing me."

He looked at me, anger and pain fighting for dominance.

"Than please.."

"No." With that, he burst from the room, leaving a stunned silence in his wake. I was too weak to call after him.

Than, if you walk away now, you lose me for good. Please don't do this.

Everyone in the vicinity heard my mental shout.

The End

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