Apollo: My FateMature

I wasn’t quite sure how to explain Primrose’s sudden absence to my housemates. They just looked at me blankly when I tried to tell them that she probably wouldn’t be back for a while. I fidgeted awkwardly in the silence, feeling their sceptical stares bore into me. Then Jack cleared his throat.

“Ah yes,” Jack said. “She tends to leave without saying goodbye, but normally she stays longer and she never leaves her guests behind.”

I smiled nervously in response. It became apparent to me that humans were not as easy to mislead as I had previously thought. Briefly, I debated telling them my real reason of being allowed to stay here unsupervised, but I knew they would never believe me and just grow more suspicious.

“Well if you excuse me, I’m gunna head to bed,” I said, stifling a yawn. It was a weird feeling, exhaustion. It rarely bothered me when I was immortal, but now that I was a human it weighed me down like a bag of rocks.

“G’night,” Jack replied with a half-smile. Mickey just groaned and stalked off to some dark corner in the house to brood. Creep. Fujioka stood there for a few seconds, not quite sure if I had finished talking. Then when she realised what was going on, she bowed slightly and headed off back towards the kitchen. It was not the passionate goodbye that I was hoping for, but at least she smiled at me.


I opened the door to the ancient oak cupboard in the corner of my room. Coughing from the dust as I peered inside, I desperately hoped that Primrose was nice enough to have put some clothes inside. My departure from the Dark Realm had been necessarily swift. I hadn’t time to pack for my stay. Sure enough, there were several shirts and trousers (though creased and dated) hanging neatly.

“If you had any money...”

“You could buy yourself...”

“More fashionable attire.”

I jumped at the three voices coming from behind me.

“Who-” I begun to say, spinning round. “Oh,” I said. “It’s you three.”

Before me stood the Fates Cresco, Deducto, Posteritas – three waif-like girls who dabbled with destiny by weaving events into the tapestry of time.

“You look surprised to see us,” Deducto said, playing absentmindedly with her brunette locks. “Don’t tell us that you didn’t know we were coming. It was only a matter of time.”

I gazed at her, confused. “But I...I never summoned you!”

“Times are changing,” droned Posteritas, her pale blue eyes staring sightlessly into the distance and her blonde hair drifting about her in the non-existent wind.

“Aphrodite cursed you. Assisted by Hades, you were turned human,” Cresco grumbled.

“Things like that don’t go unnoticed by Fates,” Deducto added while Cresco looked at me like this mess was all my fault.

“Sorry,” I apologised, my facial expression blank. I wasn’t really sure what I did wrong.

“But you’ve found your means of retaining your immortality, haven’t you?” Deducto gave me a knowing smile. It made me shiver. Man, those three were weird!

“Okay, cut the crap,” I snapped. “Why are you here?”

Surprisingly, Cresco responded to my question though it was focused on the present.

“Soon after they returned, things began to get a little mixed up in the immortals’ realms. A lot of confusing details involving love triangles and Than completely giving up humanity.”

“It’s still going on now,” Deducto continued with a hand gesture.

“And it looks like it’s not going to get any better,” Posteritas said emotionlessly, but her facially expression was bleak.

“That’s why we need you to hurry up and become the Sun G-d again,” Deducto exclaimed, prodding me with a bony finger. “So we’ll assist you in the only way we can: by speeding up time in this realm and slowing it down in the others.”


“It’s not something we would normally do,” Cresco huffed.

“But since the future depends on it...” Posteritas said.

“This is our gift to you,” finished Deducto.

“That means you can return to the Dark realm and help,” Posteritas said as the room became shrouded with eerie, cold fog. “That is, of course, if you want to return.”

And then they were gone, leaving me more bewildered than I was before they meddled their way into the human realm without being summoned.

The End

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