Than had slid down the wall beside Nyx's door, but I couldn't settle, pacing incessantly, finding it impossible to stay still, fury still pulsing through me, tempered now by my terror for Nyx.

“If anything happens to her than so help me I'll-”

“What will you do Thantos? Kill me? Because I have died once all ready and still breathing” Than scoffed at my threat. His stupid pet people snarled softly. I ignored them, creepy as they were, instead focusing on Nyx.

Just be okay, Nyx. I need you too. Don't you dare leave me now.

“Yes but master you’re not a weak a feeble human anymore” One of the things spoke to Than in a sing-song voice. It was like it was talking to a child.

“Tell your creepy twins to shut up they drive me mad.” I snapped, eyeing them angrily. He pulled the thing close while it hissed at me.

Don't push me you freak of nature.

Instinctivly, I looked for Nyx, as she would have been amused by that. With a pang, I remembered what had happened. The guilt almost brought me to my knees.

Primrose came out her room with her arms folded rolling her eyes at us “She’s stable and just coming round. Thantos, she wants you in there."

I didn't need telling twice. I went in, closing the door swiftly, but once inside, I hovered by the door.


"Hey, you are allowed in by the way." She tried to laugh, but the sound was weak.

I was by her side in an instant, her hand twinned in mine.

"You idiot." I muttered "You absolute idiot, why did you do that?"

She smiled, though her face was still impossibly pale. "Got you two to stop though didn't it? It's not like I planned on getting hurt.."

"Nyx, I'm so sorry-"

"Thantos, if I was angry at you, why would I have asked to see you? So don't be an idiot yourself. I meant what I said. I love you and Than both. Equally. Thantos, you're the only person I really trust here. I need you. I need you more than ever, I can see what's going on with Than, I can read his thoughts. And Primrose.. I need you. You're the only person I can rely on right now and I can't do this on my own."

I pulled her close then. "I'm not going anywhere, Nyx. I promise."

After a while, she pulled away, her violet eyes solemn. "I guess you'd better send Than in then."

Something showed on my expression, since she turned the full power of her beautiful eyes on me. "Thantos, please. I'm not asking you to like him, just tolerate him. He's difficult,  he's hurt me, but I still love him."

"He's not good enough for you." The instant the words were out of my mouth, I regretted it. Pain was written all over her face. I sighed.

"But I'll put up with him if I have to." I said reluctantly. "For you."

I'd never seen her look so happy.

Standing up, I left her alone.

Thank you Thantos. Nyx's voice was clear in my mind. I love you.

The words sent a bolt of bittersweet pain through me as I faced Than.

"She wants to see you."

The End

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