I sat with my back against the wall; the feeling of the cool wall against my skin was a reminder of reality the fact Nyx was in critical condition. The smell of her blood made my throat burn. I tried to shake the feeling away but it was there. Alice offered her-self to me but I pushed her away I didn’t want to be the monster I was slowly falling to.

“If anything happens to her than so help me Ill”

“What will you do Thantos? Kill me because I have died once all ready and still breathing” I snapped

Alex stood in front of me and tilted his head his hood slipping down showing his strange features. He hair curly black her very pale with big eyes one red and one green, his teeth like ones of a canine sharp and deadly his facial stricter still of a child.

“Yes but master you’re not a weak a feeble human anymore” Alex cooed

“Tell your creepy twins to shut up they drive me mad” Thantos retorted Alex’s body went rigid crouching down and hissing. I pulled her so she was sitting on my lap to try and calm her down with her brother standing beside her.

Primrose came out her room with her arms folded rolling her eyes at us “She’s stable and just coming round Than she wants you in their” a pan of jealousy shot through me but I quickly pushed it down. Thantos jumped at the opportunity. Primrose came and sat in front of me.

“Twins please can you give me a moment with Than” she said softly they looked at me for approval I nodded and they vanished. She pushed my hood down and made me look at her.

“Why Than? I can smell it on you the blood, I saw the way you looked at Nyx hungrily. You think I will sit back and watch you lose your-self? do you think Nyx will ?”

“I am not that Boy any more he’s gone he died” I drawled out my old English accent kicking in.

“Then find him stupid hind him and don’t let go of him, he’s still there and you know it”

“Who are you to tell me what to do” I hissed out my eyes glowing, my throat burning I looked at the throat hearing her pulse and how her blood flowed around her body, I subconsciously licked my lips. It drove me crazy when she gulped. I stood up trying to get away I tripped and fell.

“Make it go away please?” I whispered coughing trying to remove with irritation. The twins appeared Alex took her position sitting on my lap putting her wrist to my lips. I sink my teeth ignoring everything around just the only the substance that took the pain away.

The End

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