I just felt sick. And a fury the likes of which I hadn't experienced had taken hold of me. I left Nyx with Than and retreated to Hell. The screams of the dead almost deafened me, but it felt like a welcome. This, afterall, was where I belonged.

I closed my eyes and was rewarded with twin images seared into my retinas. One, Nyx, a smile blossoming across her beautiful face, the first real smile I'd seen from her in a very long time. The second, the expression on Than's face when he saw me standing there. When he pulled Nyx into his arms right in front of my eyes.

My fury errupted again and tremors rocked every level of Hell. Screaming out in frustration and anger, I blasted the rocks that forced themselved up through the Plains, taking pleasure from the destruction.

I finally remembered Primrose, still trapped on the Medows.

Should probably check on her..

I sighed in resignation, creating a Portal to the Medows. Once I got there, thoughts of Primrose were knocked clean out of my head.

"THAN!" My shout was lost in the storms that errupted overhead. I sprinted down to him, drawing my sword, all the fury and pain I'd endured and that I had seen Nyx endure because of him, lending me strength and speed. My first blow was barely parried in time.

I attacked with all my strength, forcing Than to fight me properly. The air crackled around us with our combined powers, but neither of us had a moment to summon them.

"Stop!"A slender figure threw herself between our blades.

I choked as two blades went right through her. All I could see was Nyx falling to the ground. My entire universe, in that moment, shrank down to one, beautiful goddess. My mind screamed rejection at the thought I had hurt her.

"I love both of you, you idiots." Her voice broke through to me, her words peircign me deeper than any sword. Her voice, barely there. "I need both of you. The Than I knew when he was human.. Thantos, my best friend... I need you both."

With that, she passed out. My concious mind shut down, totally focused on Nyx, who was dying. My fault. Primrose came over, ordering us around. Than's face hardened initially, then a hungry look came into his eye. Perhaps realising this, she directed her orders at me.

It wound up with Than and I outside of Nyx's room, waiting for some sign she would be okay.

The End

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