I was feeling helpless under Nyx power, my body obeyed and I could feel Azkaban waiting to make his move.

‘You need to get out of here, little goddess.' Azkaban whispered in my head like he had been soo much lately.

I was vaguely aware of my arms been strained behind my back, I didn't like this one little bit and struggled.

"Easy Rose." Thantos murmured in my ear. There was so much power going on it was getting too much.

"Get off me, I need...I...I." My voice strained and gasping. Suddenly a portal was made and Nyx went through it.

"I don't like that." Thantos said looking at the open portal.

"We stop!" Thantos froze looking closely at me. "Get off...Ssstop."

‘Little goddess, let me get you out of this, stop fighting me.'

"Primrose! Take control...please." Thantos eyes burned into my own. "I have to go." I gasped feeling my body pulled to the ground and then Thantos turned his back on me.

I don't know how long Thantos power was keeping me to the ground, but soon enough someone else was approaching me, dark powers came off in waves and lifting my head I saw Than.

"What has happened to you?" I whispered still lying pinned to the ground trying to gather my own power of nature.

"Me I gave up my humanity". He replied in a casual deathly voice his demons where close. I sniffed the air extending my senses and picking up on fresh blood, looking over Than and then it clicked well most of it did.

Moments later everyone was standing in the meadow, Thantos hold over me was slipping away, my power was slowly coming back and dark realm was starting to respond to me. Then all hell broke loose...literary both dark god...and it didn't end well.

Nyx throw herself in the middle shouting, ""Stop!" But ended up getting hurt.

. " could you!"

"Me it was you!"

"Stop it both of you!" My voice rose over there's standing on my feet at last. "Get her to her room now, I need to heal her and do it quickly." I snapped my orders surprised where my strength was coming from.

"Rose is that a-

"Do you want her to die Thantos?" I growled. He looked down at Thantos and made a portal.

I knelt down to the ground feeling the soil. "As the daughter of god of all gods and goddess of nature I command you to obey me while I heal your queen of darkness." I closed my eyes feeling the nature respond to my words. " thorny rose...white lily...willow leaves...come to me." When I opened my eyes everything I called for came to me just as I asked. I gathered them and went through portal.

Both Thantos and Than were near Nyx bedside, she looked pale and was still bleeding. "Leave." I say simply to the dark gods. "You can trust me...go."

Slowly they got up. "Oh and grow up will you, I'm sick of the love triangle." The door shut and I made my way over to Nyx.

"Oh Nyx." I sighed reaching for her dagger and placing my materials near me.


The End

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