I felt, rather than saw Than go. As soon as he did, I doubled over, pain blossoming from somewhere around my navel. I was torn between running after Than, whom I loved, and Thantos, whom I also loved deeply. I wanted both of them, when now it looked like I  was going to lose them both.

I fell to my knees "Somebody help me." I whispered, clutching my sides in agony. "I can't do this anymore."

I remained paralysed like that for what felt like an infinite moment. Then, driven by an urge I could not describe, I created a Portal to the Medows.

Than was stood in the centre, flanked by two cloaked figures. I recognised them from his thoughts as his personal guards almost. Primrose was there still, bound by something Thantos had done. I watched from a distance as she backed away, leaving a wide space on the grasslands. A Portal opened on the far side of Than, revealing Thantos. Storms errupted overhead. The three most powerful Dark Gods centred in this place created a concentration of power the likes of which was rarely seen. Spotting Than, I watched from a distance as Thantos drew his giant sword and attacked Than. I heard the ring of metal clashing from where I was stood, on the edge of the Medows.

I ran, barely skimming the ground. Each blow landed on the other's weapon. They were perfectly matched, entirely locked on the battle.

"Stop!" I cried, throwing myself between them.

I choked as two blades went right through me. As I crumpled, I heard their howls of mingled horror and anger as the both caught me.

"I love both of you, you idiots." I said weakly. "I need both of you. The Than I knew when he was human.. Thantos, my best friend... I need you both."

My voice trailed off as I felt tears on my cheeks. Belonging to who, I couldn't tell. Finally, I let unconciousness claim me.

The End

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