My knees crumbeled beneathe me, her words eching within my mind. "But you truly personify the darkness, Than. Theres a darkness inside you that was never there when you were human" Had I changed this much since I was human, was I really the darkness is that I was portrayed to people?

I looked at my self in the reflection of th mirror, I really looked no nothing was the same. That naive boy had gone, the sparkle in his eyes that screamed  life had gone. I was just a God that wore a face of a human boy I once knew.

Being here in this realm was not a place I belonged, I blinded my-self to belive that things could work out. But the picture smashed and now I am face with reality.

"Twins come to me" I whispered and they appeared "We are going on a trip away from here. Im going to train" I said with no emotion.

Ales giggled and jumped for joy "Sister is seems Master has finally going to accept who he is"

"Yes brother he will, it is time  Master one who is shrouded in darkness. It is time to feed, feed upon us as we feed upon you"

Before I could responed Alice cut her wrist and held it my lips, it was a strange yet sweet taste. As I stood and brushed down my cloak I walked through a Portal to the Meadows.

As I walked through I saw Primerose looking at me strangely. "What has happened to you" She whispered looking wary of me.

I glanced at her me "Me I gave up my humanity" I coldly my demons chimed in laughter.

The End

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