I used my powers to hold Primrose while Thantos took care of Hades. We were on the Medows of the Dark Realm, the one place that both Thantos and Than and myself could all be at our most powerful. The sky above this constantly crackled with energy with swirling clouds the colour of deep bruises signalling that powerful Dark Gods were present. It wasn't long before Thantos returned, grim-faced.

"I'll take her." He muttered, pulling Primrose's arms behind her back roughly. I relaxed my hold on her.

"Managing okay with that?" I asked, since Primrose began to writhe frantically as the clouds seethed ahead. Thantos merely nodded in reply.

I steadied myself as I prepared to enter Primrose's mind. From there, I could project everything that happened to Thantos and anyone else on the Medows. I could also force Azkaban to release her. What I would not tell anyone was the risk that he would then take me over, as he had attempted to centuries before.

I should have destroyed you when I had the chance. I regretted now the moment of compassion that had led to me merely reducing him to a parasitic hermit. I wondered how his powers had returned to him. Before I could begin, a Portal opened close by me. I heard Thantos mutter something, most likely rude, under his breath.

"Nyx, we need to talk about what you have been doing with Apollo here, how could you do that with him" Than strode up to me, full of righteous anger.

"Than, its not like that. I-" My short-tempered attempt to explain was cut off. My anger was ignited, sending shock-waves of energy through the clouds. I noticed Thantos watching carefully, a small frown between his eyebrows.

"I dont care if the meaning of being intimate to Gods is different. I was human once, Nyx. Human. So what you did with him to me means a whole lot more" His words stung as he spat them in my direction. I glanced quickly at Thantos, who looked utterly devastated. That expression drove my fury to heights it had not reached before. I opened a Portal to my home, all thoughts of Primrose and Apollo and Azkaban forgotten. Throwing Than through, I left it open for others to follow if they wished. We arrived back at my home.

"So what Than, why do you even care. I mean, what am I to you-a toy, another heart to play with and break" I was shaking but I didn't care. He'd had no right to create a scene like that. After everything he had done, all of the betrayal, he'd had no right to do that.

Against my will, he held me close.

 "Nyx, you are my everything. We fit together. You know it too-when we met in the park. You felt it then didn't you, that pull" He whispered. "I need you Nyx, no-one else, Nyx,  just you. I love you."

I pushed Than away to see Thantos reflected in the mirror showing the open Portal. With a face like stone, he turned and left, undoubtably for Hell. My fears were confirmed when the howls of Cerberus and the screams of souls echoed back to me. Storms errupted all over the Dark Realm.

I shook my head slowly, tears sliding down my cheeks.

"No, Than. You don't. You don't love me. You did, as a human. You did, before you met Primrose. But you threw that love away for her. All the time you were away-did you not think I would know instantly where you were? I am the Goddess of Truth as well, Than. All that is unseen to the world is seen by the violet eyes/By the sole owner of the nighttime skies. Have you forgotten that? I can see what lies deep in your mind, the doubt, the questions." I sighed. "You may have loved me once, but since you became a God, you lost the human part of you that was capable of love. They call me a cold night personified. But you truly personify the darkness, Than. Theres a darkness inside you that was never there when you were human. I loved you then, Than. I loved the human you. Now, I hardly recognise the God wearing your face." I turned away.

"I'm so sorry, Than."

The End

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