Slowly I opened my eyes, there was nothing but silence not even a wind, something seemed wrong I could sencse it. I sat up grogigily.

"Alice come to me" I said in a slow tired voice. I sat up wincing slightly as my body hadnt finished healing yet.

"Why hello Master did someone let a girl beat him up again" Alice sneered I rolled my eyes and stood up my clothes were shreaded.

"Alice go pick me out some clothes bring me my cloack and scythe please" I said in a tone she would not disobey.

She bowed politly "As you wish" and dissapeared, I dragged my self to the bathroom and carefullly removed the remaints of the clothes I was wearing. The water water from the shower hammered down on my body washing away the evidence of the battle.

When I stepped out the shower I saw my clothes lay out on the bed, Black baggy pants that I wore in battler and a black shirt I quickly put everything on. as I left the house I put my hood up and used my Scythe to lean on.

I searched for Nyx long and hard but no where so I tuned into her life source focosing on her esence and created a portal that lead me striaght to her. Before I entered the portal I head a familiar voice

"WAIT THAN" I whipped round to he Appollo running to me I growled at him and stopped running. "can you get me of here you know being human and all this isnt the most pleasent place for me" He grinned.

"Fine but move it" as he walked past me its then I smelt it, Nyx her scent on him, I put my scythes blade round his through. "Why do you smell of Nyx? what did you do to her" I growled.

He gulped feeling anxious by having a scythe to his neck, "I think you should ask her that" he said smoothly his voice wavering slightly. I walked him throught the portal taking my scythe away from his neck.

The scene that it lead me to was quite shocking, thantos had Primerose held with her arms behind her back, and Nyx stood infront of her. The all turned to look at Apollo and I.

"Nyx we need to talk about what you have been doing with Apollo here, how could you do that with him" I glowled.

"Than its not like that I" I cut her off quickly.

"I dont care if the meaning of being intimate to Gods is different I was human once Nyx Human so what you did with him to me means a whole lot more" I growled

Anger built up in Nyx and she shoved me through a portal so were back in her house. "So what Than, why do you even care I mean what am I to you, a toy anothers heart to play with and break" Her body was shaking with anger and confusion.

I pulled her into my arms and held her close to me "Nyx, your are my everythingwe fit togethor. You know it too when we met in the park we felt it then didnt you that pull" I whispered "I need you Nyx, no-one else Nyx just you. I love you"

The End

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