As I backed away from Apollo, I could tell that my words had affected him profoundly.

"And there you have it." I said, almost sadly. "Good luck Apollo."

I created a Portal and turned to go. Apollo caught my hand.

"Thank you, Nyx." He met my eyes, his tone gentle and sincere. "I will never forget this."

I gave him a half-hearted smile and turned to go again. Shouts from downstairs stopped me though. Primrose's voice peirced the room.

"Get out! Just get away from here!"

" 'Rose, c'mon. I haven't got time for this. Just take him already and I'll go.."

I felt an electric thrill go through me at Thantos' voice. I closed the Portal and cloaked myself in shadows again. With Apollo close behind me, I ran to the source of the commotion. Thantos was stood in the doorway, exhasted and grey-looking, Hades across his shoulders, unconcious. Thantos was pleading with a resolute Primrose, attempting to get Hades somewhere to stay. The humans had gathered in a separate doorway. I watched closely as Primrose refused again and again to give Hades a temporary home. Stretching my powers out to her, I found her thoughts. Where before they had been light, full of sun as you would expect, now there was a deep corruption within them. A tremor ran through me as I recognised the work of someone infinitely more devious and dangerous than I had initially feared.

"Look, can we at least discuss this outside?" Thantos said, fixing the humans with a wary look.

With a mental nudge from me, Primrose nodded mechanically. While I hated to use these powers, there were times that they were necessary.

Apollo and I followed the group outside, closing the humans off in the  house. Once there, I revealled myself. The corner of Thantos' mouth lifted slightly.

"Thought you might be here, the night is stunning."

I smiled properly for the first time in a long time. "Flattery will get you anywhere Thantos."

I created a large Portal back to the Dark Realm. "I think there are some things that need to be worked out. I'll give Hades a grace period while we do. He can stay in the cells, Thantos."

He nodded, carrying Hades through the Portal. Primrose made to go back to the house, but I knocked her to the ground with my powers.

"You're coming too." I said flatly. "Game over, Azkaban."

I saw Apollo's eyes widen in confusion at me as Primrose turned to hiss at me. Using my powers I hauled her through the Portal.

"Remember what I told you, Apollo." I said to him gently. "Take care of yourself."

I followed the others through the Portal, leaving Apollo alone in the dark again.

The End

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