" I'm sorry" He was choking "I didn't realise I-"

The rest of Than's words ended in an agonised scream as I let him drop to the marble floor. Inwardly I flinched. There was still a part of me that ached to hold him like I used to.

"LIAR! Why her, you caused me heartache and humiliated me infront of the whole light and dark realm... Why?" I tried to keep the fury in my voice but the last word strained against my control, wavering slightly. I heard Thantos move to me but I shook my head, warning him to stay back.

Than got up weakly, choking up blood and fell at my feet. Instantly, I was transported to the days I would appear at the Temple, surrounded by black marble and silver, incense thick in the air.

"Midnight is the best to meet thee
The one no-one could tame
The one human kind loved
The one time forgot

Arh at last our paths meet
My Goddess of night
Known as Nyx
She stood at my window beckoning me

Her face framed with clack curls
Her Purple eyes shone with lonlieness
her slender body glowed in the night
The only women night belonged too"

He recited the poem from all those centuries ago  in a pained whisper. With tears in my eyes, I knelt to meet his, filled with pain, the crimson dim and dark.

"Than you are still that naive boy from all that long ago, but you cannot see her again. I own you, remember that and you cannot defy my orders"

I spoke with the authority of the Queen of Night. Not as Nyx. Not as myself. As myself I still screamed for some kind of good to come out of this, but Than slipped into unconciousness.

I bowed my head and let the tears fall freely, Than's head in my lap. Thantos came over and put his hands on my shoulders.

"You did what you had to." He murmured. He understood.

The End

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