Pain soured through my body like fre consuming a dry tree, blood streamed from my body and as my body was limp only being help up by the powers of them one I feared and adore.The memory of last months past through my mind, protecting primerose had hurt Nyx more than I had thought.

" Im sorry" I said chocked out "I didn't realise I-" she cut me off my throwing me to the ground which made me scream in pure agonny"

"LIAR" She screamed " Why herm, you caused me heartache and humiliated me infront of the whole light and dark realm Why" Pain was slipping in to her voice.

I was coughing and splurtering blood as I stodd and slowly made my way over to her and fell infront of her.

"Midnight is the best to meet thee
The one no-one could tame
The one human kind loved
The one time forgot

Arh at last our paths meet
My Goddess of night
Known as Nyx
She stood at my window beckoning me

Her face framed with clack curls
Her Purple eyes shone with lonlieness
her slender body glowed in the night
The only women night belonged too" I whispered, when I finneshed she had calmed down and knelt infront of me.

"Than you are still that naive boy from all that long ago, but you cannot see her again I own you remeber that and you cannot defy my orders" I nodded but unconciouses finnally cosumed me.

The End

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