It all seemed to pass in one furious blur, suddenly leaving me standing alone in Thantos' front room. To say the least, I was flustered, uncertain of really what happened, breathless from just moments before. My heart was still fluttering; I could still taste of his lips on my own.

Hades had come and left, the two hellish gods exchanging something, weapons brought forth before Hades was gone. There was a frightening sound, and with that, Thantos himself departed, murmuring about Nyx, leaving me mystified and bewildered.

 What now?

I glanced around this room I was quite familiar with, looking off into all the halls leading about to a maze of antechambers and rooms. I suppose I should leave myself, return to my home and duties as a Goddess, though it was hard to think straight with the recent memories of Thantos buzzing around in my head like a hive of angry hornets.

What about Nyx? Certainly something may be wrong with her? Should I try to help? But I really shouldn't meddle around in their business, and Thantos likely has whatever the problem is under his control.....

Nyx. Thinking about her made me envious and angry all at once. Whenever she had a papercut, Thantos was at her side in less then an instant. It was as if she held a piece of him under her command. Why couldn't she just leave him alone for one second?

The ground shook alarmingly again, nearly knocking me off my feet. Perhaps something was really wrong. 

 I turned to open a portal of my own, but I lowered my hands. Hades stood before me, glaring into my soul with those frightening eyes.

"What do you want?" I said, irritated.

"Your help," he hissed, looking as if he was thirsting for something. It almost appeared like he was possessed.

"My help? How am I supposed to help you?" I challenged him, becoming slightly scared. "I don't even want to help you, so move out of my way."

The End

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