The High Council Meeting broke the party apart fairly rapidly. I sat by stoically, being a silent support for Nyx and trying to stay out of the whole situation. Naturally, I pushed for a vicious punishment for Aphrodite, whom had caused me a lot of problems in the past, but I was reluctant to push for anything to punish Hades. He looked at me often while they discussed his fate, alternatly angry and betrayed. I clenched my jaw and looked away. He was the one who had commited the betrayal. Though oddly, I was grateful this had come about tonight of all nights. Nyx now had something to focus on beyond 'the Than issue'. I could feel her hurt simmering quietly, but she had pushed it down, showing both Light and Dark Gods alike that she was the unbreakable Queen of the Night they all knew, respected and in some cases, feared and loved in equal measures.

Again, I stayed silent as Hades ran like a whipped dog from the area. I decided I was close to the limit of what I was going to watch when Nyx left.

Shrugging I went to create a Portal as well, but a gentle hand on my arm made me pause.

"Going already?" Anaxandra's eyes implored me to stay and her soft smile brought a reluctant lift to my own lips.

"Well, I could stay..." My voice trailed slightly as I had an idea, "Or you could come back with me..?"

I gave her a devilish smile which seemed to do the trick. She smiled shyly and nodded.

"After you then." My voice was smooth as I opened a Portal directly to my home. She blushed, ducking her head shyly as she went through the Portal. I followed her and we found ourselves in my front room, where we had spent many hours talking together. Anaxandra looked nervous for once and I smiled, hoping to relax her.

"Do you want a drink?" I said, moving to the cabinet and getting glasses. I turned to get her answer and was greeted by her lips meeting mine.

The kiss was gentle at first but deepened quickly. I lifted her, letting her wrap her slender legs around my waist. I could feel her heart racing, our rapid breath mingling as she trailed her lips down my neck, skimming my collarbone. I took all of her weight in my arms, kissing her neck and pulling her closer. She moaned slightly, a sound of total pleasure which brought a smile to my lips. I managed to bring her to my long leather sofas, laying her gently down and bracing myself over her, allowing me to kiss her more. She slid her arms away from my neck, skimming lightly down my exposed chest, bringing chills to my skin.

The sound of my door crashing back on its hinges shattered the mood. I sprang to my feet and drew my sword in one fluid movement. I went to the hall where Hades was stood, his eyes empty.

"You shouldn't be here." I said flatly, the sight of him in this dishevelled state killing all amorous thoughts. I sensed Anaxandra waiting by the lounge door, out of sight but listening.

"Why?" He croaked. "Why me?"

"Mate, you chose to do it." I replied "I can't help you now."

Hades' eyes looked at me blankly. "She made me do it.. She threatened me..."

I shook my head. "Look, Hades, I'm sorry. I can't do anything for you."

"You can. Give my powers back!"

"You know I can't risk that."

Hades' eyes turned black, rimmed red.

"You chose her over me then." He drew his sword. " Thantos don't make me do this. Don't choose her over me."

"Hades, don't be an idiot. You can't beat me here. Dude, don't make me do this."

Hades lunged at me with his sword. I parried his desperate attack easily, knocking him to the ground. I pinned him there at the point of my sword.

"Leave here. Else I have to kill you. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do now."

I opened a Portal. "Don't come back till you're powers do. For both our sakes."

I threw him through the Portal and closed it behind him.

I had enough time to take a deep breath when Anaxandra appeared.


"I'm fine." I cut her off. "Now, about that drink.."

I'd taken half a step when the storm broke. Even deep in Hell, the ground was shaking. Instantly I knew who it was.

"Nyx." I created a Portal, and without waiting for Anaxandra to follow, I went through.

The End

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