Returning to my home, a thundering storm welcomed me. I felt a savage satisfaction as thunder snarled overhead with enough force to shake windows. Everywhere was in total darkness, all light extiguished by the force of my storm. The lightening created a strobe effect, giving stark black and white impressions of the rooms as I travelled through them. A particularly vicious roll of thunder shook the ground, rain now pelting down like bricks from the sky more than rain. A howling wind added to the cacophony, outside, the trees groaned, straining to remain rooted where they were.

While the Dark Realm had seen storms like this before and had known they were of my doing, they had been in times of war. This time, they knew, it was different. I knew of the murmurs in the council concerning Than's absences. I knew the whispers in the forests about what really happened when Primrose stayed.. Why he saved her..

Seared into my retinas was the image of Than and Primrose as I had seen them in the human realm.

"Never again." I swore "I will never again allow this to happen."

As the Goddess of Truth, this was not an oath I could take lightly. I was stood in the hallway, in full official dress, my cloak lifted by a supernatural draft that was entirely to do with my powers. I knew my eyes would be glowing, the only light in the room while the moonlight and stars were obscured. My hair was pinned in an elaborate fashion, allowing some curls to spill down the back of my head. My cloak flared again, showing the deep violet silk that lined it, the hood falling down my back. I was dressed in my usual black dress, cut low to expose my shoulders and collarbones, sleeveless, slit high up my thighs for fighting. Tied around my wiast by a silver chain, my symbols flashed in the lightening.

Behind me, a Portal opened from the human realm. Simultanteously, I felt Thantos arrive from Hell.


About four different voices called me at once. There was only one I acknowleged.

Using my powers, I lifted Than off his feet and slammed him through one wall, pinning him to the one beyond it. He yelled out in pain.

"Look at what you have done." I whispered. "This is all because of you."

He choked, unable to reply.

There were screams and Thantos was yelling at me but I was focused entirely on Than, the focal point for months of heartache, humiliation and pain for me.

I losened my grip enough to allow him to talk over the storm, which was raging to a frenzy.

"Why, Than?" My voice was dead as I challenged him again. "Why did you do it?"

The End

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