Apollo: The Cottage and a New IdentityMature

“I’m sorry, truly I am,” Primrose said, her eyes full of emotion. We held each other’s gazes for a moment, saying nothing more until the waitress came back to our table with two espressos and a slice of carrot cake.

It was obvious that the waitress had primped herself up before returning because now her makeup was heavier and I could the top of her black lace bra.

“Anything else I can get you,” she asked suggestively. I debated using my allure on her, curious on how much sluttier she could get, but I remembered giving my word to Primrose that I wouldn’t. Plus, if I tempted her, she would most probably linger around our table and I didn’t want her overhearing our conversation.

“No thank you,” I replied curtly. I turned my attention away from her and onto Primrose. Lifting my hand from under the table, I began caressing her soft cheek. “I remembered how much you enjoyed carrot cake, so I bought you a piece.” From the corner of my eye I saw the waitress leave, disheartened by my lack of interest in her.

Primrose slapped my hand away.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she hissed.

“Letting us have some privacy without the company of human ears.” Primrose laughed. It was dry and humourless.

“You’ve got a lot to learn about the human world. There are very few places where we will not be eavesdropped on.”

“Take me to one then,” I insisted. My hands were gripping onto hers. She looked down at them with slight distain and tugged them away.

“Humanity has rendered you vulnerable, Apollo,” she warned. “This realm is dangerous – more dangerous than it appears – and it does not welcome the weak.”

I noticed that as she said it, her eyes glinted a cold grey. It was as though for a minute there, another spirit had possessed her body. An evil one. I was going to have to be more wary around her.


Three hours later, after catching many buses, a train and some cabs we ended up standing outside a house in the countryside. It was a dainty little cottage, probably homing no more than four or five people at once. I was surprised when she said that there were six occupying the house already.

“There are two floors below,” she remarked when she saw my incredulous expressing.

Contradicting the rather cold attitude she’d been directing towards me for the whole journey, she reached down and squeezed my hand encouragingly as we walked into the cottage. There were many questions spinning around in my head. Would the humans be nice? How long do I have to stay here for? Will I ever find my true love? This experience was all so new to me and as much as I hated to admit it, I was scared!

The cottage looked larger inside than it did on the outside. This was due to the fact that the walls were painted cream and there was little furniture. I was certainly not going to be pampered here, I noted wryly.

As if reading my thoughts, Primrose said, “You’ll find that everything here is plain and unremarkable. Simply just the basics. But here is one of the few places in this realm where, for at least a few hours a day when the humans are out working, we will not be overheard.”

Her words reassured and I nodded. As I stepped off to explore the rest of the cottage, Primrose called me back.

“Yes,” I said, finding her facial expression a little daunting.

“You are forgetting that you cannot go by the name Apollo the Sun G-d here,” she said. “You will need a whole new identity. This is not my first time here, but the humans remain ignorant of my true nature. How about the name Austin Jones?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

“And I am your cousin, but as the name Primrose is common here, it does not need to be changed.”

“Yeah,” I replied, half listening and more interested in my surroundings.

“Apollo,” she snapped, uncharacteristic anger flowing through her. “That means you cannot flirt with me or show any signs that you are somewhat sexually inclined to me.”

“Well when you’re acting all moody, like now, I don’t exactly feel the urge to coax you into my bed.” I laughed, but I was dead serious. There was something up with Primrose. These sudden violent mood swings was not normal for the sweet and innocent girl I used to love.

The End

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