Primrose- Old feeling rising to the surface.Mature


"Rose really is that the best you can do? Come on a 5 year old human kid can hit harder then what you're giving me." Than sighed raising his eyebrows.

"Shut up, I don't go round throwing punches at people that get on my nerves or for whatever reason." My back was facing him, re-doing my hair into a bun.

"Well you need to get it back, you were known for being gentle, soft, not threatening to anyone. But I could see the real you and now it's trapped." Than words are harsh as he coaxes the anger out of me.

It works. I turn back round faster than before, Than was ready for me my fist made contact with his open hand hard. Than made his move hitting my arm, a small hiss escaped my throat and I kicked Than knocking him back. Quickly Than shot up and lunged towards me, I moved to the side only to be knocked from behind.

"Never take your eyes off your opponent." I roll over to see Than glazing down at me arms folded and sly smile on his face.

"Are you going to help me up or not?" I say sweetly sticky my arm up.

"Fine." Than replies giving me his hand, I grab it and catch him by surprise by pulling him down flipping him over and making a grab for his dagger. Than rolls over seeing my intention and pinning me to the ground. "Nice trick." His breath warm against my skin, he pull's us both up and we stay close.

Being this close to a Dark god after soo long was sending a wave of goose bumps around my body. My heart beat had picked up to and we both just stood there watching each other.

I had a moment warning from my senses to nature before I heard Nyx's demanding voice. "What the hell is going on here?"

The events that followed that were kind of hazy for me. Apollo and Nyx came, Nyx left shortly afterwards and then the only thing that mattered was Apollo. My eyes couldn't leave him, all of his features were enhance and any old feelings that I kept locked away after he had broken my heart suddenly filled my body again. How I loved running my hands in his hair, loved seeing the way his eyes looked at me admiring, lovingly, touching his skin, tasting and savouring the kisses that we shared. Although, we never pushed it given my young age at the time and for me, just being with him was enough.

But now things have changed I'm older and for anoth-  

"Button yourself up," Apollo stands before me I look down shocked to see what had happened to my shirt and seeing Apollo's hands.

"What...What did you do to me?!" I say as I hastily button up my shirt.

 "I'll explain when we get to a more private place. And there I will tell you what I am doing in the human realm." Apollo replies, it took me a second to register what he just said before I whip my head up staring into his eyes, already understanding his words.

"Don't look me in the eyes!" Apollo warns, I breakaway seeing and feeling what I was about to do.

"Don't use your power on me then!" I snap back again surprising myself. "Just back up a minute let me just...well block you." More like lock those feelings back up. I silently add in my head.

"Do you know where we could go; I need to talk to you." Apollo says I catch him looking at me and I can't help but smile.

"Guess you'll be needing a place to stay too? I think there's a spare room, if you want that." I started to walk finding a lane, listening to the wind as it updates me about the nearby village that's close by.

Apollo walks besides be in silence, arms casually swinging as he walks, his eyes casting over everything that we pass and when we pass a sign saying the name of the village he stops.

"Everfalls village."

"I've stayed here before, not a bad place, better then some." We carry on as we make our way into the village. "We can go in there, nobody really in there at this time of the morning." I pointed to the small cottage café and we went inside.

Humans cradled their coffee mugs closely in their hands, digging into the all-day breakfast that already making my stomach feel uneasy and waitresses gossiping behind the till. The door closed making the bell ring, no sooner had the bell ringed everyone's eyes glazed at us.

"Please don't tell me that you're doing that allure power thing in here." I whisper to Apollo as we make our way to the back of the café and slide into the leather looking buff. I hear Apollo chuckle under his breath and a red head waitress suddenly appears at our table.

"Good morning, do you know what you would like." She says in a cheery voice her eyes fixed on Apollo. I roll my eyes noticing another waitress with white blonde hair eyeing him up too. Jeez desperate or what, I thought seeing her undo her top button, running her hand through her hair and bring out some lip-gloss.

I hear Apollo say something making her laugh, watching as the waitress doing her lip-gloss look up a frown. Where's Aphrodite when you need her? Or maybe this is her doing? She was always good at causing trouble when it came to love. I stare out the window thinking about Aphrodite, when I feel the tug of nature urging me to go outside.

"Do you want to know what happened then?" Apollo voice cuts me off.

"The reason that you're human?"

He shakes his head. "Should've known." He mutters. "How long did it take you?"

"Nature helped, I couldn't sense you the same, and it was mixed." My voice turning weary as I ask, "who did this to you?" Hoping that Azkaban had nothing to do with it.

Apollo turned his face looking out the window taking his time to answer. "Aphrodite. Revenge. Cursed until I-

He stopped mid-sentence looking back at me and sighed closing his eyes. I reached out to take his hand. I barely touched his skin and he flinched. "Sorry Prim- no Rose I forgot."

"Doesn't matter and cursed can it be lifted? What's the catch?" Again I felt the urge to go outside, thinking what Aphrodite could have done.

"I...I will remain human...until I...find my true love." I could see how much this pain Apollo to tell me this.

"I'm sorry, truly I am." I know how hard it is finding that person, the right person to share your love.               


The End

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