Apollo: The Manipulation of ThanMature

I observed Primrose standing there with her mouth suspended wide open in shock. It was as if I was seeing the true her for the first time. I looked right into those flawless golden eyes of hers and saw that they were not so perfect at all. The light that shone out of them was marred by a hidden force of darkness that was doing its best to remain undiscovered.

Slowly and hesitantly, I took a step towards Primrose. There was only one desire in my mind at that moment, and that was to abolish the evil being inside her – mortal or immortal.

“What do you think you’re doing,” Than hissed, block my path. I had forgotten that he was there. Shaking my head, I walked right up to him. There was no point in acting like I was afraid. It would have only made matters worse.

“Primrose and I have important matters to discuss,” I replied, eradicating all emotion from my voice. When he did not budge I added, “Alone.” His stony expression twisted into a smirk.

“Why should I? Clearly you should know by now that she is not actually interested in you?” He was trying to hurt and it was working. I bit down hard on my lip, my heart screaming out to punch him right in his handsome face but my instincts telling me to back down. I listened to neither. I recognised that arrogant expression etched on his face. It was the one that I used to wear.

Good. Makes things much easier. I switched on the full force of my appealing humanity, knowing that g-ds who acted supercilious were just as susceptible as goddesses. I noticed that Primrose also felt some of the magnetism I was directing at Than as her hands lingered towards the buttons of her T-shirt. I forced myself to ignore her and concentration on the oaf in front of me.

“Than,” I whispered, placing a hand on his soft cheek. He did not knock my hand away, so I knew my human irresistibleness was working. “Listen. Can I,” I craned my neck so that my lips were his ears, “Talk to Primrose alone?”

“Yes,” he replied. It came out more as a ragged moan. He bent his head slightly and tried to put his lips to mine. I pulled myself away, saving him from the revulsion and shame he would feel later when he had recovered from my influence.

Than opened a portal to the dark realm and entered through it, but not before I had noticed that I had put him in a trance like state. So that’s why humans are dangerous to some immortals, I thought with wonder. They are able to manipulate them and, so to speak, hypnotise them through lust.

Primrose was fiddling with the last button on her shirt when I placed my hands on hers to stop them.

“Button yourself up,” I said. The allure had drained from my voice and she blinked. She down at what she was doing and rapidly began the do up her shirt again.

“What...What did you do to me?!”

“I’ll explain when we get to a more private place. And there I will tell you what I am doing in the human realm.” She glanced up at me and looked me sharply in the eyes.

After a few seconds her face began to relax and hands moved towards the buttons on her T-shirt again.

“Don’t look me in the eyes!” I warned.

The End

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