"Announcing, The Queen of the Dark Gods, Nyx, Goddess of the Night and the Unseen, Thantos, God of Hell and Apollo God of the Sun." The announcer's voice captured all the party-guests attention, all silencing. Heads turned toward the entrace, curious.  I followed their eyes to see the three of them standing there, making quite an awkward-looking gathering.

"Hades." Nyx yelled above everyone, her voice clear for all to hear, demanding all of them to hear. "Show yourself."

From my spot amongst the crowd, I could see no Hades. Nyx eyes flamed, and she called upon him him once more, furious. Thantos appeared uncomfortable, lowering his gaze.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zeus made his entrance after hearing the commotion himself.  

"Announcing King-"  the announcer was quieted by a look and murmur of Thantos, the man shrinking into the corner.  

"Why don't you ask Aphrodite?" Thantos said slickly, smirking in a manner that made me shiver. The chill in his voice and the shadow in his eye made the Goddesses and Gods in the room, myself included, stiffen. "She seems to be the root of all this."

Whispers rippled across the room, their eyes still wary upon the dark god standing before them. Thantos' eye caught on my own, a brief expression  of pain crossing his face.

Our gaze was broken as Nyx spoke, bringing both of us to attention. "I demand a High Council to be held, immediately." Nyx announced herself, asserting the one of the powers that came with her authority of Queen of a certain Realm. All around there was a terrible, anticipating silence.

"Immediately?" scoffed Aphrodite laughingly, who had not spoken up until then. "This whole thing is ridiculous!"  She pushed through the crowd, the people moving from her way as she glided over the floor. The charming Goddess of Love smirked, beaming her perfect, playful grin, "In fact, yes, let us get this out of the way as soon as possible, so you all can be shown of my innocence."

"I'm sure of that," muttered Thantos coldly.

"Oh good, I'm glad you are, Thantos dear," she stepped forward, running her delicate marble fingers over his cheek and flashing a seductive smile.

Thantos tensed, backing from her. Nyx seemed to appear as if her eyes could kill Aphrodite. The beautiful Goddess' eyes trailed onto Apollo, who trembled as he looked back. "Cousin Apollo, how good it is to see you," she said smoothly. Despite being already as pale as a specter, the color seemed to further drain from his face.

"Enough of this!" Zeus made Aphrodite, and all of the witnesses, turn. "Let us continue."

Suddenly I disappeared from the room, though no one would notice anyways, drawn to a place in which I had no knowledge. I floated as if I weighed nothing, and my head was light, my vision blurred. I knew the feeling well.

I was standing in someone's dream. A nightmare, more like it. It did not take me long to figure that it was Primrose's, the Light Goddess Princess.

Thantos and Nyx appeared to make appearances often, yelling at her and scoldign at her if she was a child who had done wrong. I could not understand their words completely, their sentences blurred to me, yet I could feel the overwhelming sadness and agony which filled Primrose, and it almost became my pain. What had Thantos and Nyx said or have done to harm Primrose so?

Then some images I could not make out, others so confusing and contorted that I could not even guess at what it was or what people they were. The realm of dreams was on occasions like this.

I had decided to end it. Closing my eyes, I retracted the nightmare from her head and replaced it with the calm, peaceful darkness of slumber. "Sleep well, Princess," I murmured to her before I retracted my own self from her head, though she would not be able to hear my words or see my face.

I reappeared back in the ballroom, where I doubted anyone had missed my presence, and a drama was unfolding that was far more complicated then I could have ever thought.

The End

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