I watched Nyx leave the ball with narrowed eyes. Hades sensed my change in mood.

"Still hung up on the Dark Queen then?" He laughed.

"Eh? What?" I said, my attention back on the conversation.

"You have talked about nothing else, you've basically been her shadow all night and you look like someone did something nasty in your drink now shes gone off with Apollo."

"Oh shutit you." I growled. "You know full well its never going to happen."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "Point proven."

I grumbled at him, glowering in the direction of the gardens. He gave me a playful shove.

"Go dance with someone, cheer up or just get hammered or something." He said, vanishing. For a god of hell, Hades was a real party guy. I sighed, catching sight of Anaxandra. She looked stunning and my spirits lifted seeing her there. Before I could go to her though, I sensed someone in my house. I cursed, going to the balcony to open a Portal there.

"Nyx? Whats-"

"Tell me it wasn't you who cursed Apollo." She sounded close to tears. "Please, just tell me it wasn't you.."

I shook my head mutely, thrown by her distress. "It must have been Hades, you know I wouldn't... Apollo is cursed?" 

 "He's human for the time being. And theres going to be one hell of a fight. Aphrodite requested it but a Dark God helped her."

I followed the thought through, realisation of the wider impact dawning "And with Than off with Primrose like that..."

"It looks pretty bad. Zeus is going to go ballistic."

I swore in a way only the older Dark Gods would know. "Apollo is at yours?"

"Coming with me?"

"Yep."  As if I was going to leave you by choice. I added silently, knowing Nyx wouldn't be concentrating now.

I noted with satisfaction how pale Apollo went when he came out of Nyx's room. Then a wave of fury hit, my eyes glowing.

Nyx cut off any kind of discussion, business-like now we were all together. I reminded myself to beat the hell out of Apollo next time I had the chance and put it to one side.

"Everyone ready?" She opened the Portal without waiting for an answer and we all went through.

"Announcing, The Queen of the Dark Gods, Nyx, Goddess of the Night and the Unseen, Thantos, God of Hell and Apollo God of the Sun."

Just the strangeness of the announcement was enough to attract attention, the room went quiet to stare at the three of us.

"Hades." Nyx's voice rang out clearly. "Show yourself."

I noticed my friend in the corner, attempting not to be seen. Nyx saw him too and summoned him again, fury evident in her tone. I averted my eyes.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zeus had finally come onto the scene.

"Announcing King-"

"We all bloody know who he is." I hissed to the poor guy, who looked terrified.

"Why don't you ask Aphrodite?" I said smoothly, giving my most evil smile. "She seems to be the root of all this."

There was a rush of whispers as my voice flowed over the crowd, who was still watching. My eye fell on Anaxandra and something inside me twisted. I didn't want her to see me like this-I didn't want her to think I was evil, like nearly everyone else did.

"I demand a High Council to be held, immediately." Nyx's voice rang out like a bell over the crowd. Only the King or Queen of the respective Realms could make such a demand. There was a deathly hush.

The End

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