Even as I asked, I realised that I didn't want to talk. Almost in a daze, I found myself kissing Apollo. Spurred on by his moans of pleasure, I gave in to my instincts. My concience whispered but the events of the night had taken away my reason. All I craved was comfort, feeling wanted. Something that in centuries of exile only one person had offered me.

And what would Thantos say if he saw you now? The thought sent a lance of pain through my midriff but I supressed it again. I lost myself in the half-forgotten sensations. Before the exile, before he had betrayed me out of jealousy; Apollo and I had a perfect, albeit a forbidden, romance that had been truly passionate on both sides. Now all the old memories and feelings resurfaced and I could feel Apollo's pleasure now. The fact that it was me giving it to him soothed some of the ache that had been left by Than. Up until he finally spoke.

“Nyx, I’m human.”

My head snapped up, the mood shattered.

“You’re what?” My voice came out sharper than I intended and he flinched back, away from my touch.

"I'm human. Aphrodite cursed me and now I'm human until I find my true love." He scoffed then, partly in self loathing and I saw the old Apollo before me again. "After all the hearts I've broken, what do I know of love?"

I looked down and away from Apollo, digesting this. Fortunatly, immortals didn't suffer embarassment the same way humans did so my actions didn't stop me thinking clearly. The sky outside started to mutter warnings as my anger mounted. Only the King and Queen of the respective realms had the right to remove powers. To remove a godhood was the sole ability of the Hell Gods; Thantos and Hades, though they still required the Queen or King to support them or face losing their own powers. Since Thantos generally repelled all the Light Gods on a matter of principle, it figured that Hades-Keeper of the Ninth Gate, had been the one to do this. And as a Dark God, he was answerable to me.

"We're going back to the ball." I said "This is not going to stay quiet, Apollo, so you're going to have to swallow that pride of yours."

Easy for you to say. His thoughts were clearly written on his face.

"Take what you need and come out to the hall in a few minutes." I said, my voice neutral. With that, I strode out of the room. I created a Portal to Hell, materialising in Thantos' house. Seconds later, he appeared, sensing my presence.

"Nyx? Whats-"

"Tell me it wasn't you who cursed Apollo." I said, my voice threatening to break. "Please, just tell me it wasn't you.."

He shook his head, bewildered. "It must have been Hades, you know I wouldn't... Apollo is cursed?"

I nodded numbly, "He's human for the time being. And theres going to be one hell of a fight. Aphrodite requested it but a Dark God helped her."

Thantos gulped. "And with Than off with Primrose like that..."

"It looks pretty bad. Zeus is going to go ballistic."

Thantos uttered an archaic profanity. "Apollo is at yours?"

I nodded, "Coming with me?"


I created the Portal as Apollo came out of my room. He paled when he saw Thantos at my side.

"He's on our side." I said in a bored tone, before anything errupted. "And later, Thantos." I cut off his sharp look and likely sharper comment.

"Everyone ready?" I said, opening the Portal. When no one complained, I stepped through, pulling Apollo after me, with Thantos close behind.

The End

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