Apollo: TranceMature

“You still haven’t said what you wanted to talk about.” Her voice wavered with a strange emotion that I could not name. Heartbreak? Unrequited Love? She did not say it like a question, but she gave me a bewildered look and waited for me to respond. All the while she was edging closer and closer.

“Nyx...I-” I did not finish my sentence. Her lips were on mine, choking off my words.

They were soft, sweet and familiar. For a minute I kissed her back, reminiscing in the memories we had shared as lovers. Then the kiss deepened, became more passionate and I found that I could not breathe. I tried to tell her this, but when my mouth opened her tongue slid in. She manoeuvred herself expertly so that she was on top of me. As she pressed herself harder against me I could feel her desperation.

The old me would have taken advantage of this situation. A goddess forcing herself on you was not something you got everyday – even if you toyed with hearts like me. The new me, the human me, felt a surge of emotion I had not felt about a girl in a long time. Guilt.

Exerting as much pressure in my arms as possible, I tried to shove Nyx off of me. I was weak compared to her, but eventually she noticed what I was trying to do. She rolled over until she was on the other side of the king-sized bed. Shooting me a glamorous smile, she slipped her hand under the sleek covers, down my trousers and started stroking my inner thigh.

This was much harder to ignore. Human sensations were more intense than immortals. Maybe it was because being immortal meant having more experience and so every day sensations were dulled over time. I could feel my whole body going rigid and when I opened my mouth again to speak all that came out was a moan. It was a sound of profound pleasure, and Nyx knew this.

“You’re enjoying me touch, aren’t you?” She asked, her eyes hooded and her cheek blushing crimson. I trembled, answering her question with an unconscious yes. She smiled.

Nyx shuffled over, ducked her head under the covers and began to kiss my bare chest. My mind was telling me that I should tell her, and tell her quick. She was getting lower and lower. However, I could not. My mouth was clamped shut to hold back a shriek of blissfulness.

It was when her lips touched my waist and she began to unbutton my trousers that I spoke. I knew that if I had not of spoken up, she would have regretted this moment for eternity.

“Nyx, I’m human.”

Her head snapped up off me and her expression was of one who had just woken up from a trance.

“You’re what?!”

The End

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