I came to meet Apollo with all of the pent up fury and hurt I had bottled up bubbling under the surface. But when I felt his jawbone shatter under my grip, the bottom seemed to fall out of my stomach.

Mentally, I swore. It wasn't an act! Something is seriously wrong...those are REAL screams.

I tried to get him to stop screaming but in the end, I gave up and opened a Portal directly home. I knew Thantos and Hades wouldn't miss me, since they had a fair amount to catch up on.

Pulling the now-unconcious Apollo through the Portal with me, we emerged in the hall of my house. Carefully, I placed him on my bed and fixed his jaw. Even my limited healing abilities stretched to mending a broken jaw. I left him to sleep it off. After pacing, unable to settle to do anything, I went back to check on Apollo. Having him here again stirred up old memories and it put me on edge.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” I tried to sound neutral.

“Thanks for the apology,” He replied, evidently still in pain from his jaw, an acid edge creeping into his tone. I stifled the bubble of amusement, sobering swiftly.

“Try not to talk much, as difficult as it is for someone like you,” Likewise, I found it hard to break the habit of winding Apollo up at every chance. I sat on the bed, trailing my hands unconciously across the familiar fabric there. It felt so nostalgic to have us both sat like this. I remembered the time before Apollo had been arrogant and cold. I caught something similar in Apollo's thoughts, causing my head to flick up towards him. I opened my mouth, intending to ask how I was able to break his jaw like a human's but instead I surprised the pair of us.

“What happened to us?”

There was a long silence, although it wasn't entirely uncomfortable.

"Guess the same happened with us as what has happened with everyone since." He muttered uncomfortably.

I saw in my mind's eye again what happened. The group of people who had brought about my exile, lead by Apollo, their accusations, his betrayal. Instinctivly, I locked the memories away again, trying not to show anything in my expression. I glanced up to see Apollo watching me carefully.

"You still haven't said what you wanted to talk about." I said, my voice slightly strangled.


The End

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