I wandered from my place, unsure of where to go and what to do. I seemed to wander in and out of the shadows, and even the dark gods did not catch me there.

Sighing, I was partways bored. Perhaps if I was with Thantos, it would not be so bad. I would be enjoying myself. But I wasn't. He was probably with Nyx.

Probably if anyone offered me a way into their little group for a light conversation I could be entertained. I could not help feel disappointed. For some reason, I expected something. I did not know what, but I just did.

I came to a balcony, sliding out onto it and running into the great god Apollo. I jumped, nearly stumbling backwards. "Apollo!" I clutched at my chest in an attempt to ease my frightened heart as it pounded in my chest. "I-I am so sorry. I am incredibly foolish...." I let my words sort of fade slightly, observing his face. There was something drawn, his color was drained, as he had just encountered something frightening himself. He did not appear so powerful; he appeared deflated somehow. His striking, handsome facade was broken by just a bit. Even still, his appearance was breath-taking, if not more so. Like his perfection was rugged and worn slightly and his looks enhanced some strange way. I blinked my thoughts away, putting my hand to his arm; still he looked off.  "Apollo, are you alright? What happened?"

"I don't know....." he looked at his hands, as if expecting something to happen. He sharply looked up at me. "Well, I think I do know....."

I swallowed, confused and uncertain of how to proceed. The god suddenly jumped, as a thought itself appeared to jump upon him. Apollo put his hand to my shoulder, the cold of his palm surprising me. Why was his skin so cold?  "Could you excuse me, Anaxandra? Please?"

"Y-yes?" I nodded flustered, allowing him to race off the balcony and back into the ballroom. Confused, I looked back through the doors, still open,  as if to catch sight of sunlight golden locks, but they were out of my sight.

The End

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