I felt like an empty shell. Than was still carrying me, but I could barely feel him. "I'll keep you safe. Your ok Rose" I heard Than words without really listening to them. We stopped at last where Than moved his arms to open a door and continued to carry me into the building.

"You'll be safe here Rose." Than said softly as we went up the stairs to one of the rooms. Gently he placed me on the bed not bothering to turn a light on.

"Rose?" Than whispered.

"Hmm. Sorry." I said in a numb voice.

"Why don't you take your dress off, there's a bathroom through that door and you can freshen up. That sound ok?" Than was holding my hand which felt warm against my cold skin.

"Ye sure." I stood my legs wobbly as I walked and I went into the bathroom.

The water washed over my body and it felt although I was washing away part of me. The tears had stopped and I didn't want to shed anymore tears. I looked in the mirror shocked. My skin was a ghostly white, my golden eyes dark and haunted and my hair was a mess and out of control.

"How are you now?" Than asked when I came back into the room.

"I'm fine." I replied.

"You tired."

"Than stop fussing." I sat on the bed feeling myself fall back into the softness of the blanket. "Don't chuck the dress, I'll try and do something with it. I can't really wear this dressing grown all the time."

"You making orders already Primrose?" Than half joked.

"Not Primrose, I like Rose my mum used to call it me sometimes. So how's Nyx taking this? She can't be too happy." My eye lids were trying to stay open but it was hard.

Than sighed and went to close the curtain but stopped. "Don't worry about things; I'll take care of you. Now sleep." 

Like magic my eyes finally closed and I wrapped myself up in a tight ball unable to relax.

But I started to dream. I wasn't sure what was happening, it was dark and I couldn't see anything.


"Primrose. Primrose come back! It's a trick come back! Primrose!"  

"What, who is it what do you want?" I called back.


"What do you what? Hello. Speak!" I shouted and shouted but no one would answer me. Something cold wrapped itself around my wrists and ankles growing tighter and tighter. "Help get off me help!"

"Fight it Primrose."



I woke up gasping for air, sweat dripping and the blanket tangled around my body. Than was nowhere in sight which didn't surprise me really given his nature. I wasn't too sure where we were, but I had a feeling that I was safe and that was all that mattered for now.  


The End

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