Apollo: Aphrodite's RevengeMature

Now this was my scene! I thought as I entered the party. The large room was simply marvellous tonight, with the tiled floor polished until it was immaculately clean. Displays of gold, silver and deep purple ribbons were wrapped around the stone arches. Some of the g-ds and goddesses were already gathered around the oak table overflowing with luscious foods; the others were situated in the middle of the dance floor, mingling with each other. The atmosphere was buzzing with excited chatter, but not so loud that it swallowed the melody of Greek music in the background.

Yes, this is my scene. I let my eyes wander amongst the crowd of immortals, hoping that I’d find the most beautiful one of them all. Primrose. There she was, looking more spectacular than I could have ever had imagined. The dress that she wore fit her well, showing off her perfect figure and complementing her complexion perfectly. For once I did not want to tear it off of her.

“Rosy,” I called. “My sweet loving Rosy, you would not believe what happened today!” I was not going to tell her about the incident with the sun. That was private. Instead, I was going to spin a tale to explain my absence, because lying is what I am best at. Or so I was told by one the Fates when she found out that I was also involved with her two sisters.

I danced towards Primrose, beaming though my radiant glow was still weak. Thantos, one of the dark g-ds hauled her away into the crowd. A nasty voice in my head whispered, and it looked like she allowed him too as well. I waved the voice away and let anger kick in before the seed of disappointment rooted itself in my mind.

My blood began to boil and I shoved my way through the horde of my fellow powerful beings. I had almost reached Primrose and Thantos when I sleek hand moved out and plucked me away from the party. I was so shocked that I did not even try to stop what was happening.

I was taken outside. It was dark so I could only see the outline of the goddess who had captured me. My first guess was that it was Nyx deciding to discuss with me what had happened this morning. Then I remembered the embarrassment and disgust I had saw on her face a second before she disappeared. I reconsidered. Could it be one of my ex-lovers, avenging their hearts that I had broken so carelessly?

“I know you’re little secret,” Aphrodite’s mean voice hissed. I sucked in a sharp breath. I should have known! She had been watching me all this time, waiting for the chance to hurt me.

“It sucks doesn’t it?” She continued. “You’re little more than a human now.” She stepped into the moonlight so that I could see her. Aphrodite’s hair shimmered a liquid silver colour and her eyes as dark as black holes.

It was true about what all the g-ds said about Aphrodite. She truly was the most beautiful of all goddesses. There was no doubt about it. If it were not for the fact that she was so spiteful and malicious then she would have countless suitors pursuing her. I sighed, feeling slightly sorry for my cousin.

 “And I’m guessing that you are unaware why you have become like this.” Her tone was mocking and she wore a smirk that dampened her flawless features. “Hades owed me a favour.” I looked up at her in disbelief.

“What did you do,” I said in a low, my fists shaking with fury. Her smirk became a mischievous grin.

“Until you find your true love,” she said with her voice full of satisfaction. “You are human.” Would it be so bad if I hit her, I really want to hit her! I thought with rage.

And humans don’t belong in this realm.” She dissolved into the night just as Anaxandra walked out of the ballroom and stumbled into me.

The End

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