I arrived at the ball after everone else had on purpse of course, I stared at my reflection in the lake, My Black in its normal messy way, my Black mask  with gold swirls wich contrast well with me crimson eyes.

but of couse I decided to wear somethings different,  Pin striped black trousers, wich matching waist coat, a crisp white shirts, over I wore my cloak and down one side in  gold held my symbol a pentergram encircled with swirls. and for the fun of it I carried a walking stick the head Gold engraved with my symbol.

I walked in to the hall standing at the top of the stairs looking down on everyone enjoying themselves, holding false smiles hopeing people would  not notice. But of course I did.

"Intrudicing,Than God of the Underground and God of Dark Gods" I nodded and walked straight to the centres of the stairs. I inwardly groaned knowing people would want a reason for my many absence's

"Good evening God's, Godess both from light and dark realms. I am pleased to say how wonderful you look tonight, I apologise for my many absences, it seemed I had a lot things I needed to take care of in the Underground, but all is well now. Please continue" With that I bowed and conversations roared back to life.

I saw Nyx talking to Thantos, I walked smoothly behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. She jumped slightly but when she realised it was me she leaned into me slightly.

"I must say how breath taking you look tonight my sweet Nyx" I whispered into her eye, she blushed slightly but smiled. she stepped out of my arms to and turned to me.

"I can say the same to you, it isnt what you normally wear, but it still looks good on you" I smirked and winked at her. from side of me Thantos cleared his throught shootings daggers at me from his eyes.

"well well well if its isnt Than him self decided to do your duty and attended a Ball" I growled and stepped towards him.

"or have you come to hurt Nyx more by vising a close friend"

I growled at him and put my hand around his throut "I would never hurt her on purpose you Hell hound" I growled my eyes glowing red.

I felt some put their shaking hands on me "Than please please stop this" I looked down at Nyx's eyes pooledwith tears I calmed down in a instant. I put hands on either side of her cheeks and wiped away her tears.

"Why didn't you tell me I was hurting you, I would do anything for you to make sure you were safe and happy" my voice was soft, I pleading her with my eyes just to look at me instead of the floor.

"I erm I need some fresh air" withthat she ran outside. I went to go after her but Thantos blocked me. " Dont you daye, shes the last person she needs right now" He growled and ran after her.

I stood their stunned like the rest of the people around me, people were whispering about what just occoured. I stormed over to the glass doors leadning the balcony. I shut the door and leaned against it. I sighed and looked up the sky.

Then I heard it sobbing, I looked to the floor to see Primerose curled up in a ball crying her hair not in its neet bun but a swirling defiant mess it used to me. her dress ruined.

"Rose"  I spoke softly but she didnt notice or didnt want to, I kneeled beside her stroking her hair.In her own time she looked into my eyes.

"Your right you are all right, Im not what I used to be. I dont want to be taimed I hate it I hate it all. But what to do I do Than?" she grabbed my hand as if it was sacred her life line to safety" I picked her up bridal style, her clung to me and hid her face in my neck.

"Your coming to stay with me for a while Rose, not the light or the Dark realm but the human. there you shall rest and Ill teach some fighting skills ok. I will make sure you are what you once were, I promise" I spoke softly I used my wind to blow the door wide open, People stared at us in confusion. Whispering and staring.

I walked past them all ignoring and headed outside. I saw Nyx in the arms of Thantos.

"Nyx Im going away for awhile, I will attend the meeting and such. But I hurt you way too much it isnt fair, and Im going to make sure Primerose is back to her fiery self" I paused and opened a portal. I looked over my shoulder "Good bye, my love" I stepped through without anyone telling me not to.

The End

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