"Thantos! Wait, please!" My voice was nervous and strong at the same time. Which was  strange I didn't know where strength suddenly came from, where I had the courage to grab his arm and fairly dangerous for someone like me.

"What do you want Princess?" Thantos snarled I could feel his anger radiating off him. It darkened the night even more a cool breeze came from the open windows in the hallway.

"I.I have fee-

"Rosy my sweet loving Rosy!" Apollo voice called irritating my skin. "You wouldn't believe what happened today!"

Thantos pulled my arm and whispered in my ear. "Stop playing grown up games Princess, I used to think you was delicate, gentle. When we met however you started to change my mind. I could see the fight, rebel that you were for leaving it all and even the hurt and pain from your mother's death."

Thantos words shocked me like before in Nyx's house, I could even feel the heat in his hand sending electric up my arm. Thantos looked down and took his hand away and started to walk away.

"And now?" I said in a low voice I didn't want to look at him, but I had to prove to him that I wasn't scared of him.

"And now Princess, I see you as a spoilt little girl who always wants her father's approval. Who will rely on others to do her work and who always be a puppet and the one holding the strings is you dearly beloved father." I gasped at his words I felt myself fall back to the wall as if Thantos had slapped me.

"Truth hurts Princess." Thantos left, the moon light filled the hallway.

"Primrose, Primrose, Princess are you ok?" I looked up not really seeing who it was.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" I nearly shouted at Felicity.

"Sorry, only I have you mask and match your dress." I took the mask looking at the light green and golden swills.

"Did my father ask that I wear this?" Although I already knew the answer before Felicity spoke.

"Yes, we must hurry."

The dress felt too heavy on my skin, the modest pulled to tight. My long golden hair pulled back and pined that dug into my skin making a neat bun with just the odd. Even the make-up felt thick and itchy on my face. Looking in the mirror I didn't recognize myself for the first time.

"Who am I?" I whispered to myself.

"I thought we went over this little Goddess, Primrose Skylark, Goddess of Nature princess of Gods and Goddess." The dark deep all too familiar voice came to my ears.

"And I thought, you left for good after what you did to Thantos." 

"You need me Primrose just say the words and I'll help you."

I wouldn't face him, but I knew that he was there. Azkaban.

"I don't need you for anything." I spat.

"Fine. But I'll be waiting." A shiver went around my body leaving me even colder.


 "Announcing Primrose Skylark, Goddess..." The announcer voice travelled around the room, I was stood behind the door tuning it out.

"Tired of hearing your own name being called out yet?"

"Anaxandra wow you look amazing." I actually surprise to see Anaxandra; I hadn't seen her since the last meeting.

"Thank you, you look-

"Different I know...but it's good... the well... the new me." I didn't know you I was trying to convince, Anaxandra or myself.

"Ye sure, well it's nice very royal." Anaxandra replied eyeing me.

"Princess we're ready for you." I nodded and smiled back at Anaxandra but it was forced just like always.

The room was filled with colourful dresses, masks and decorations. Flowers and range spites filled the air. Candles were lit; white material covered the open windows but yet still allowed the moon and the stars to shine. It was beautiful.

"Felicity must have had some trouble with your hair tonight." My father commented. We stood in a circle of nobles hearing the last discussion for something that I wasn't really listening to.

"Hmm, sorry what my hair?" I asked slightly confused.

"Well Primrose it needs something, it's just getting in the way most of the time and I saw you today with it."  Zeus took a piece of my hair examining it. "Needs taming down a little bit more and there are still some things that need more work."

"What. Like what?" I gasped; his eyes looked over my body.

"Excuse me for interrupting, your highness, princess may I have a word with you in private." Nyx polity came over to our group and I felt thankful to see her.

She led me outside to a small balcony and she closed the glass door behind us. "Thanks for...well-

"For what princess? For not letting you reacting, ruin your calm positive role model reputation? Or even better, for not letting that wild cat lose and fight for what it wants." Nyx's words stung.

What's with the dark gods today? I wondered.

"Maybe we feel like you've deserted us now that you're in ‘power'." Nyx replied in a hard voice reading my mind.

"I haven't! How dare you seriously."

"Do something about it then." She shot back fixing her purple eyes on me. "Do something yourself for a change, god Primrose what happened to you. You before would've shown off your fabulous nature powers."

"Back off Nyx." I was frozen I didn't know what to do, she was challenging me and I was backing down.

"I really don't know what Than ever saw in you or Thantos for that matter. You've gone tame Primrose, too tame and not even worth it." I couldn't work out the look on her face, her words swelled around my head and they mixed with Than and Thantos words from earlier.

I turned my back on her looking out to the night, it was strange the only place I really felt the night was either in the human realm or the dark realm. And just when I thought she had finished, Nyx Goddess of the Night Queen of Dark gods and goddesses hit me with the final blow.

"Your nothing like your mother, she stood up for what she believed didn't let people dictate her in anyway and she was fierce and powerful. She'll be ashamed of you. Princess." Nyx words felt harsh and hit me more than Thantos and Than's. My hand clenched round my necklace and tears fell from my eyes, tears that I held back all these months and I fell to the floor ripping my hair from the clips. I kept rubbing my face clean but it was making it worse, the dress was ruined but I didn't care nothing did. The dark gods were right I had changed and I didn't know what to do.  



The End

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