I enjoyed the period of calm. Nyx and I renewed our friendship and she showed me the human realm. I was stunned at how little humans appreciated the beauty they had. Hell kept me busy a lot of the time, souls getting unsettled and rebelling  but it was nothing I couldn't handle. Frequently, I ended up going with Nyx to the High Council meetings as Than always made a point of not turning up. He failed to see how badly it affected Nyx. She always was that little bit stronger and feircer when he was around. He made her shine a little more brightly. I saw how he still wanted that Light Princess and it made me furious. He had the most beautiful, strong, loving and perfect Goddess in all of the Realms and he still wasn't satisfied.

I was also forming a friendship with Anaxandra. She intrigued me and the way she hovered between the worlds fascinated me. When Nyx was busy. she would sit and we would talk for hours about our worlds. I could not fail to notice her fey beauty and we got along very well. But for Nyx's sake, I kept a distance between us. I was not abandoning her for the Goddess of Dreams while Than was still hooked on his forbidden love. My own feelings for Primrose had long since faded and when we did speak at the meetings, it was as though nothing had happened.

The night of the masquerade ball found me at Nyx's house. She looked absolutely breath-taking. She was dressed in a deep blue dress that showed off her phenomenal body perfectly. Her hair was pinned up and tumbled in a cascade of curls down the back of her head. Her face was covered by a simple, elegant eye mask, the exact colour of moonlight and the chain that held the pendant of her symbol was wrapped around her ankle. Her feet were bare.

"You look like one of the Fey folk." I said to her, bringing a stunning smile to her lips.

"You look like Lucifer himself." She giggled at the joke. Lucifer was my middle name and the one the humans seemed particularly fond of. I was in a black cloak, hood down and pushed away from my shoulders to show off the blood-red lining and my clothes. My own mask was the deepest black, as were the trousers and shirt I wore. My shirt was unbuttoned to my midriff, showing off my body. Sleeves covered the tattoo of my symbol, Cerberus ringed in flames . I would easily be recognised without it on display.

 Nyx smiled at me again. "You look incredible Thantos." Her voice was earnest this time and gentle. I took her hand and kissed it.

"You honor me too much, Lady of the Night." I grinned crookedly, knowing how much she loved it. I was rewarded by her eyes lighting up warmly. We were interrupted by Than.

"Time to go."

I rolled my eyes. "I'll see you at the ball, Nyx." I dropped her a wink. She giggled back, giving me a playful push out the door. I laughed, creating a Portal in the front garden and appearing in Apollo's entrance hall. This was the only time of the year it was true night in the Light realm. Tonight, the Dark Gods were most powerful and all of the Light realm knew it.

"Greetings, God of Hell. How have you been?" I spun round to come face to face with the owner of the voice.

"Well well, Princess. Haven't we found some pretty manners?" I said acidly. It was her fault Nyx had to force a smile those days Than dissappeared to 'visit a close friend'.

She looked taken aback. "Thantos.." Her hand was on my folded arm. "I've missed you." She whispered softly.

I gritted my teeth. "Then you shouldn't have turned your back on us, Princess. I thought you had more fire in you than that. I thought you would have fought for what you wanted. We all did. Obviously, we were wrong. Now if you excuse me, Aphrodite mentioned something about showing me a good time tonight so I'll be off."

I'd lied about Aphrodite, who was notorious for getting through men faster than dresses, but turned my back on Primrose regardless and made to walk away. She grabbed my arm again.

"Thantos! Wait, please!"

"What do you want Princess?" I snarled, letting my anger show. A faint growl of thunder sounded overhead. Clouds covered the moon for a moment as I waited for her to respond.

The End

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