"Prin-Primrose sorry, your father requests that you wear this tonight for the masquerade ball." Felicity voice broke into my head; I turned away from the window my eyes scanning the pink box on the chair.

"Requests?" I replied raising an eye brow. "But I already met with the tailor and she designed a dress for me."

"Well maybe this is the dress?" Her voice was uncertain and I had a feeling that it wouldn't be the deep blue strappy glittery dress that I ordered.

"Well I'll see you later to help you." Felicity gathered her things and headed for the door.

"I'll be fine, but thank you." As much as I liked Felicity I didn't want her help to get ready.

"I understand your wishes my lady, I will leave you now." Felicity bowed and left the room.

Carefully I lifted the lid moving the gold paper away and taking the dress from the box. I was right. It was leaf green that would sweep along the floor, long sleeves that opened up wider at the end. There was a slip up the middle of the dress but under that was a golden underskirt, golden swirl shined whenever the sun catches them.

"This really isn't my thing." I said out loud holding it against myself in the mirror.

"I think it suites your new status princess, and the colours do suit your goddess gift." My father voice travelled across the room, again I turned round.

"It's not the colours, it I erm I just-

"Rosy I picked that dress especially for you, wear it for me please. It would make me very happy to see you wear it and it would make your mother proud too." I hated when he called me ‘Rosy' it was too much of a reminder of the darkness.

"How would you know, that she would be proud of me. You didn't really know her when you got her pregnant."

My father stepped forward his jaw set into a hard line and evil glint touched his eyes. "Don't ever speak to me like that again." I nodded. "I look forward to seeing you in that dress tonight Primrose."

"Of course I'll wear it father I do really love it, I'm sorry." I smiled, but it didn't feel real-none of my smiles did.


The sun shone through the trees lightening my already golden hair, I sighed breathing in the freshness of the morning. The sound of light padding and a soft growl let me know that Sasha was near.

"Lovely morning Rose." Sasha thought to me as she came into view.

"Good morning to you Sasha, how are things?" I thought back to her smiling a little fuller then before.

"There good." She replied as she fell I step with me along the path.

"Hey wait a minute just need to see to these roses." Speaking out loud, I went over to the roses by the river.   

 "Ouch." I said as looking at my cut finger.

"Rose?" Sasha said coming to my side.

"It's nothing really, just cut myself on the red rose, more like blood red now." I thought back to the rose that I had hidden in my book under my bed. The black rose given to me by one of the dark gods. I placed my hand in the water feeling the coolness.

"Come on I should be getting back, they would be wondering where I have gotten to." I stood up straightening my pale green long sleeve dress, it was strange but my dresses were different now. Long sleeve, not split then same way to show my legs, not too deep and not showing my skylark tattoo off much on my back in fact you couldn't see it. Strange I just didn't get given them anymore.

We carried on walking Sasha talked about things, a new male dark grey wolf, and human realm and got me thinking about the times when I had visited it. I pulled my white valet hood of my cloak, my long hair already tied to the right side of my head lightly moved in time with the wind.

It took me a moment to realise that Sasha had stop talking and was growling.

"That rose I have seen it before, someone gave that too you a dark-

 I gasped stepping closer to the rose, then bending down I held it in my hand careful as not to break it. There was only one person that would have token the time to pick the flower and come into the Light realm without reason.

"Th-an please don't you can't be here" I cursed myself mentally for letting my voice stammer and feeling the wetness of a tear escape my eye. Quickly as it came I hastily whipped it away. I looked up to see Than walk out of the shadows pulling his black hood down.

I couldn't believe he was here, couldn't believe he had the front to even show his face near me. Shock, sadness turned to anger and in a blink of an eye I was in front of him and my hand made contact with his face.

 "You idiot why, why now?" I blurted out having the pleasure of seeing him off guard and the slap cause some pain.

"Hello Primrose." He smirked cocky like the dark god that he was.

I glared at Than stepping back hearing Sasha growl in her throat. "Is that all you've come to say King of the dark god, just ‘hello'. You've got some explaining to do, why you haven't been to any of the meetings, other gatherings and I'm presuming that you won't be attending tonight." I couldn't look in his eyes as I spoke.

"I was busy. Are you going tonight?" He asked.

"Busy seriously?  Nyx does pretty well on her own-

"Well she doesn't hide herself away or settle for something that she clearly doesn't want. Doesn't let others order her around, being told what to be like, who to be like." Than stopped taking a step forward. "What happened to you?"

"Go back to where you belong Than god of the underground, supposedly king of dark gods. Stay out of my way." I glared at him meeting his eyes. "Nyx will be waiting for you, go be with her I wasn't meant to be with you."

"Shouldn't that line be ‘I shouldn't be a dark god?'" Than spat at me pulling his hood back up. "See you at the masquerade ball tonight, princess."

 And then he was gone but the darkness remand chilling the air.          

The End

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