The moon reflection glistened on top of the Lake in the Underground, the wind was bustling the leaves. I breathed in deeply. I was sitting against a tree with my eyes closed. I could feel the pressence of my two loyal Demons.

"Hello Twins what did you find out for me?" I questioned without moving for where I was sitting.

"Oh wonderful Master we bring the same news day by day, the light princess is doing well she has come to no harm. She is still with Apollo although she does not have the spark she once had when we first met her. She is concertrating to hard to block the period of time she knew you she does not even see us"

I sighed running my hands through my hair, I have avoided ever council meeting every calling fomr the Light realm, I did miss her her smile, smell and her pureness. She is the oppersite born from Light.  I stood up pulling the hood to shield my face.

I opened a portal to the light realm, I turned round to face me Demons "Alice if Nyx comes looking for me tell her I am visiting a close friend" With that I picked up a single Black Rose and stepped through the portal.

I was in the woods I could sense Primse close by, I placed the rose on the path and stood in the shadows. Primerose came walking up with her Wolf. The Wolf stood in its stracks and grolwed at the Rose. Primserose Gasped in shock.

She picked it up and held as if it my might dissappear, a single tear fell down her cheek. "Th-an please don't you cant be here" I stepped out of the shadows and pulled down my hood.

She glared at me and slapped me across the cheek, the contacts stung my cheek but I held my composture "You idiot why why now ?"

I smirked "Hello Primrose"

The End

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