Apollo - TearsMature

I inhaled deeply as I glided into the darkened sky of the human realm.

Primrose did not know it yet, but I was infatuated by her presence. Quite possibly I could describe my emotions for her as being in love. However, as much as it pained me so, it was obvious that she did not return those feelings. Being with so many beautiful goddesses had made me realise this. In their eyes I saw pure lust. In hers I saw nothing.

In Primrose’s golden eyes I had once seen love, compassion and happiness. I had seen me. But then I had made her heart break when I was unfaithful. Now her eyes were as cold as gold can be.

I swallowed. Suddenly it became hard to breath. I couldn’t breathe! Some invisible force had lodged itself in my throat and was choking me. As I spluttered in air, a cascade of tears spilt down my cheeks. I found my eternal glow diming and then vanish. My skin, still flawless, became the same tone as a regular human.


I was plummeting down, my godlike qualities unable to prevent my fall. In a matter of seconds I would meet with the ground and be gone forever.

A pair of hands from out of nowhere grabbed me and held me suspended in the air.

The End

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