Primrose~fight with my heartMature


It had been months, not weeks but months since I had first met the darkness. In that one night everything had changed for me. I had become stronger, cleverer and saw things in a new light. My true heritage had been uncovered, my mind finally put at ease from my mother death and now I was in my rightful place in the world.

So why was something still missing?

I lived in the Light realm with my father and the other nobles training me up to be the rightful princess that I was. After my coronation the light took over and the days that I spent in the darkness, where now shadows of my passed. There were my reckless days, the days where I didn't answer to know one. Then my wild heart stopper days where I let the darkness consume me and at one point controlled me.

"Reminiscing my love?" Apollo turned to face me in my bed, the early morning sun caught his hair and his eyes glistened like emeralds.

"Something like that. Shouldn't you be going after all you are the God of Sun, shouldn't you be waking the world up?" I said sitting up and running my slender hand through my light blonde crinkled hair.

"I can control that right here, but you are right I must be going your father wishes to see me." Apollo climbed out of bed and grabbed his clothes.

"Here let me do that." I knelt on the end of the bed and did up the dress buttons on his white shirt. My fingers fell over his symbol, round white gold with a sun in the middle and in the middle a small fire burned.    

"I see you tonight at the masquerade ball. Hope I can recognize you." Apollo smiled.

"Well apparently there meant to represent our given title, like last year but I guess mine will be a little bit different this year." I sighed.

"What with your title and your outfit too remember that. Samhain evening is the greatest celebration, did you know that humans call it Halloween?" Apollo snorted when he said the word ‘human', human won't all that bad; some were kind but not all of them.

In my reckless days when I would wonder in the human realm, they would take in the poor girl who looked lost, give her food and a place to stay. But being immortal I had to be on the move and hide my powers and keep my tattoo on my back covered.

Apollo was still going on, he did that a lot talked mostly about himself or things that he wanted to do. Then he would remember that I was there, that was of course when he wasn't flirting with other goddesses. "Primrose sweetheart, I'm going now goodbye." He kissed me on my cheek and went out the door.

I touched the place where he had kissed me, but felt nothing, just the semi wet coldness and that was it. I never felt anything when he touched me. Not like when a Dark God would...Stop! I shock myself getting rid of the feelings that always fared when I thought of them. The Dark God that had touched my heart and the Dark God that had touched my soul.

They were happy now. Now that I wasn't in their lives, coursing trouble for them. Risking everything that the two realms had built together just to keep the peace between them. It was liability and far too dangerous to fall for a Dark God. For a Light Goddesses to fall for a Dark God was unheard of, but for a Light princess to fall for a Dark God, that was forbidden. End of story no happy ending...

"Primrose Skylark, Goddess of Nature, princess of Gods and Goddess." I whispered to myself. I was getting used to it now; I should be after months of royal occasions, meetings and other things that a princess in training has to go to. And every time you're full title was called out so everyone knew exactly who you were.

"Princess, may I come in?" The knock at the door was Felicity my lady maid who was at my side.

"Felicity, I have told you call me Primrose when we are alone or not in the company of my father or the nobles." I smiled to her as she came in looking over her appearance.

As I lived in the royal place we had servants, they wore white mostly depending on their job and Felicity was wearing a white short sleeve dress. Her short brown hair flowed to her slender shoulders and her deep brown eyes were gentle and wise. "Did you sleep well?" She asked placing a large pink box on the unmade bed.

I took the pink box from the bed and placed it on the chair and began to make the bed. "Yes very restful." I lied puffing up the pillows Felicity tucked the covers more and nodded. Truth was that my mind was always else where at night time. I had to fight with the darkness making sure that I didn't fall again.

That was what my head was saying; my heart however had different plans. My heart wanted to run, slip and leap into the darkness. Into the arms that would hold me, eyes that would truly see me and lips that would set my body on fire.     








The End

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