Playing With LifeMature

Basically, you can take on the role of any God or Goddess (or a follower if you prefer)- they can be based on a real God if you prefer (although it doesn't have to be) and they can be evil or good, doesn't matter which. And its how things go when the Gods encounter each other-and the humans that worship them so much.

Nyx of the Night.

To look at me, all that would set me apart are the eyes. Bright purple. Although nowadays, I don't tend to go into the human realm much. Being Goddess of the Night ( also truth, thoughts, phychic powers etc...) I tend to stay unseen.

I am Nyx (pronounced Nix) and I am a goddess. I look like I am roughly 20, but in fact I am a few thousand years old. I am slim, black curly hair and like I said, purple eyes. I tend to wear black a lot since it helps me blend in. I spend most of my time in the Other realm since I don't have many followers anymore. I have very little reason to make an appearance. At the moment all is quiet. The other Gods don't seem to be around. I'm currently just wandering loosely, hoping to encounter someone of any pantheon really. Being a night godess you tend to get a little lonely.

The End

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