The End

'So is that everything that happened Mother? No parts left out? That's every single thing that happened?!' A little boy whose name was Club said in a excited voice.

'Yes. Everything.' The beautiful women smiled, brushing her son's caramel blonde hair out of his bright cat-like green eyes, 'it's exactly as my own mother told me.'

'Where are Grandma Dia and Grandpa Ace right now, mummy?' Club asked, sinking into the depths of his giant bed which once belonged to Ace and Dia.

'Ahh. I don't know where my mother and father went. But I'm betting they went somewhere beautiful,' the women sighed, 'I just know that they lived happily, ever, after.'

'I wish something that exciting happened to me,' Club said excitedly, 'I want to find my Dia!'

'And, Club, I'm sure you will. I'm sure you will.'





The End

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