I'll Leave Everything

The familiar sensation of drowning filled me, the only thing that kept the fear at bay was Ace's tight grip on my hand.

Ace was just as I remembered, although a lot taller. He was still skinny and thin. Maybe even more so than myself, but I couldn't rest my mind of such matters. Even if Ace was lighter than me, I would still be Dia and Ace would be Ace.

We were tossed onto the cold, hard ground. It wasn't the place where I was first transported, no, this was on top of a hill, we were surrounded by a collection of stones in various shapes and sizes.

'Welcome back, love birds!' Joker's voice whooped, I saw a tall figure leap of a pillar and dash towards us.

'Joker!' I shrieked as my best friend looped his arms around my waist and twirled me around, yelling with joy.

'Welcome home, Dia.' Joker smiled, ruffling my hair, Ace once again returned to my said, taking my hand in a tight hold.

'I... I have something to tell you...' I said in a small voice, looking at the pair; I cleared my throat, 'whilst I was back at my world, I was thinking... I was thinking that I'd stay here. My parents have accepted that I'm not the Dia they knew anymore. I... I even left them a note to tell them where I was going. I know it's cruel and they wont believe me. But I want to spend the rest of my life here... with you guys.'

I blushed and covered my face with my hands, Ace removed them from my face, looking into my eyes. He knows that I listen when people do that because I get all jittery from eye-contact.

'Stay here, Dia. I wouldn't have it any other way.' He said softly, his lips brushing my own. I smiled and wiped away the beads of water that were gathering at the corners of my eyes. I sniffed and nodded.

'I think you two should get married.' Joker observed, I felt my cheeks redden and I made a squeaking noise.

'Me too.' Ace said in an indifferent voice, turning his head away. I just managed to catch the glowing pink of his cheeks. I giggled.

'Seeing as your not going to, I will.' I said in a clenched voice, I was keeping it tight to stop myself from lying. Joker smirked at me and nodded.

I crouched down on the floor and picked a daisy, looping it round into a ring.

'Ace Royal, before I change my mind, marry me.' I laughed, pushing my daisy-ring onto his finger. He gaped at me, then at his hand.

'Whoever said I was going to marry you?' Ace burbled.

'Me, because if you don't I'll go and marry another dude.' I snickered, pulling my Ace into a tight hug.

Several Years Later.

'Dia! You forgot your necklace!' Queenie shrieked as I skipped out of the door.

'Shoot! Gimmi, gimmi!' I yelped, holding up my white trail as I dashed back into the room, 'and where is Jack?! Why isn't he here to give me away?!'

'I'm sure he's coming!' Queenie said in a shaky voice.

'Yeah, yeah!'

'Calm down, Dia, dearest. Deep breaths.'

'I'm not going to calm down! I'm about to get married!!'

The End

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