Through the Portal

I looked at Dia. How she had changed in the time we had been apart... Her once short hair now hung past her elbows, her once child-like figure was now one of a woman's. All traces of fat had burned off her cheeks, leaving her with high, striking cheekbones. She was even more beautiful than I remembered. I stroked her long hair as we kissed for what seemed like the millionth time. But I would never get enough of kissing her, touching her, being with her. I had missed her so much.. And now that she was back in my life, I'd do anything to keep her there.

"Here," She smiled, handing me some odd looking clothes. The trousers were made of some tough, navy substance and the shirt was thick and bright green. Reluctantly, I pulled them on, packing my planet 52 clothes into a light, thin bag that she had given me.

"Okay. Let's go." I said, looking down at her for the hundreth time."The Portal is only going to be open for 5 hours and.." I looked at my watch. "Oh god, we only have three quarters of an hour!"

"Its ok. We'll take the car." She said calmly, taking my hand and leading me to a large red carriage that stood outside the house.

"Car? What's that? We can't take it, it'll take ages to saddle up enough horses to pull that thing around!" I exclaimed, exasperated. Dia just grinned.

"It doesn't need horses, silly!" She laughed, opening the door and climbing in. Reluctantly, I followed, and watched as she inserted some kind of key into the carraige. Suddenly, there was a loud roar, like an angry animal. I bit back a scream.

"You didn't tell me it was alive!" I hissed.

"It isn't!" She grinned, turning a wheel-thing and moving the carraige around and onto the road. Once we were on the road the carraige began to hurtle along at an alarming pace. I gave terse instructions whilst trying not to throw up. After twenty minutes, we arrived at the clearing. "Whew." She grinned as we climbed out of the carraige. "Thankfully no-one saw us. I'm meant to have an adult with me when I'm driving!"

"Yeah.." I murmured, taking her hand. "We're coming home!" I grinned, and we kissed, before stepping into the bright light of the Portal.

The End

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