Dia- Waiting by that Window

I felt myself dozing off in the big green chair was was located in the corner of our kitchen. I would stay awake... I wouldn't go to sleep... needed to wait... for...Ace...

I awoke with a start, suddenly being thrown from my dream. I yawned and glanced at the clock it was only eleven in the morning. My parent's must have forgotten to wake me up, they were going to a show so I was alone all weekend.

I blinked and stretched, cracking my neck as I stood up shakily.

What to have for breakfast... hmmm... 


I span around. I could have sworn I heard my name. I shook my head, chuckling to myself as I pulled the bacon from the fridge. 

I tossed my now-long blonde hair over my shoulder, thinking about how it was so short when I was younger. I smiled to myself and peeled the bacon rashers from one another, placing them on the tray.

I turned the grill on and shoved them under, my mouth water slightly. I've been eating bacon a lot lately. I just seem to want it really bad.

Humming, I flopped back onto my chair, logging onto my laptop. I scratched my head.

I wonder why I even bother waiting anymore. It's not like they're gonna come for me. I bet they forgot allllllllll about poor little me. I wonder if I should just jump back in and get a boyfriend.

I slapped myself lightly on the cheek and shook my head, 'I'll wait!'

'Well that's good, you look like you were going to give up on me for a second.' A sarcastic voice called through the window. I felt my body go rigid and I slowly turned around, my head beating incredibly fast. I felt a light sweat build up on my forehead and my breathing quickened.

'No way...' I gaped as I stared at the... man in the window.

'No way...' I repeated, shuffling forward to get a better look. I felt the tears build up in my eyes as I neared his pallid face, taking in his cat-like green eyes and chocolate brown hair.

'Yes way. I here, Dia.' Ace said softly, leaning in through my open window. I gave a little squeak and ran towards the kitchen door, throwing it open as I sprinted outside.

His face lit up and his eyes sparkled a little with tears as he opened his arms for me. A few passers by, who were walking past my front garden gave us funny looks as I flopped into Ace's embrace.

'Ace!!!' I shouted, stepping out of his warm, skinny arms, 'what took you so damn long!'

'Sorry, Dia. Really, 'he began, his voice shaky from crying. I gave him a playful smirk and relief spread across his face, glad that I wasn't angry at him.

A car shot past our house and Ace jumped, having a little yelp.

I laughed at him, he only knew what I had told him about my world, 'you better come inside. Your reeeeaaaally not dressed for my world!'

'Mhmm.' Ace mumbled, grabbing my hand as I walked inside the house.

'You can borrow some of my fathers clothes, then I'll show you around.' I said gleefully, gasping hold of his hand, unwilling to let go. Ace sighed and pulled me towards him, kissing my eyelids, forehead, cheeks, nose before he finally reached my mouth, I felt him smile as my hands entwined around his neck.

'I missed you...' I mumbled, starting to cry, 'I really...really missed you!'

'Me too.' Ace's voice started to crack and we both started to laugh and cry and kiss, all at the same time.

The End

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