Spells and rituals.

Years passed as Joker and I searched and searched for a way to get Dia back. We searched and searched, night and day, for a way to get her back, but we never found one. Our gaming careers slowly fell into ruin, since we never went out to play any more. If ever I did go out, I took great lengths to avoid the Hide and Seek stadium. The Stadium where Dia had been ripped from my life.

In the earlier months, Cordelia had been constantly calling for me, constantly coming around, begging me to come out with her. But, when time after time I said no, I was too busy, she eventually gave up, and our relationship crumbled away.

Queenie, King and Jack tried desperately to get us to give it up, but both Joker and I were determined. It had almost turned into a competition between us. But neither was in the lead. As always, we drew in failure.

I had trouble sleeping at night, and often broke into tears at the thought of Dia all alone, waiting for me by a window.

Then, one day almost three years later, I found the book that would change our lives forever. It was The Great Magician's book of Spells and Charms.

"Hey! Joker! Come look at this!" I called to Joker. We were in the great library in town.

"What is it?" He called, walking over. "Whoa..Great Magician.. as in The Great Magician? Thats sure to work!" He murmured excitedly.

"I know. Now help me look for an appropriate spell." I commanded. Over the years, Joker and I had put aside our rivalries, and eventually become best friends again. We sat side by side, paging through the book.

"Look! The Universe jumping spell..." Joker muttered, elbowing me.

"This spell is one of the most potent. It creates a portal to another Universe of your choosing, allowing you to pass through to the other world, leaping through time and space with just one step. But one must exercise caution whilst using this spell. The portal will stay open for 5 hours only. If you are not through the portal before the 5 hours is up, you will be stuck in the other realm. Forever." I read in a soft voice.

"Yeah, yeah. I don't care about the dangers. What do we have to do?"


A week later, we were ready. We had travelled to the top of a large hill, where an ancient circle of stones stood. We had mixed the needed potion, and, as requested by the book, brought a possession of Dia's to burn, so we would travel to the right world. I had picked the possession. The red dress she had worn that night at the ball. As we built the fire, I felt a rising sense of determination. We were going to do this.

Joker and I paced around the circle, chanting the words of the incarnation, then, we threw the dress into the fire, which had been placed in the center of the ring. The flames flared, turning a bright scarlet and suddenly there was a swirling circle of red light hovering in front of the fire.

"The potion!" I yelled to Joker.

"Here!" He yelled back. "There's only enough for one of us to go! It'd better be you!"

"Okay." I said, trying to stay calm. Slowly, I raised the glass to my lips, and drank, downing it in one. Then, before I could chicken out, I charged toward the portal.

"Dia, I'm coming to get you!" I yelled, and then the red light engulfed me...

The End

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